~Small Reveals for me and Big a One For Mom~

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  1. Hi everyone!! We took my mom for an early birthday brunch today. My SA called me and said she had something small for me. Great excuse to stop by LV! Who is here to join me????
  2. here!
  3. I meant "A big one" for mom! Sorry!
  4. Hey Girl !!!!! I am here !!!! Cant wait to see !!!!
  5. I'm here
  6. I'm here
  7. I'm here
  8. Let's start with the small ones!!! I love my key pouch that I had to get in another color!

    The color is Terre!
  9. Love it!!!
  10. Next is my new Mono Agenda pm. I need another one for work so I decided on a different print.
  11. Pretty !!!!! Congrats !!!!!
  12. Perfect !!!!! I love my mono agenda too !!!!
  13. Ok last small reveal. Here is my SA's gift. So sweet of her.
  14. Save the best for last. Here is my gift for my mom. She is wonderful, hardworking, best Nana to my children and she is beautiful! She was looking at other bags but this one made heart skip a beat!!!

    Introducing her new Empreinte Montaigne in Terre!!!!
    We are bag twins!!!
  15. Thank you for letting me share!! Here are some comparison pics!