Small Reveals!! Can't be any happier!!


Feb 3, 2007
did you do ok??? wintotty... oh my... you've done better than OK!!!!
it looks magnificent!!! :drool:


Jan 24, 2006
wintotty: I have a question about your adorable lucky clover... Is it VA or Chartreuse? I placed my SO for the Indigo Birkin with VA lining and I was thinking that something green to hang from the bag would help tie the lining to the outside color .... soooo when I saw your cute clover I was thinking that it might be perfect IF it is VA or close to it. Oh, and is it the same color on both sides? Your help is appreciated! :flowers:
Hi! I'm not sure what color the clover is....I'm guessing Chartreuse, clover has yellow undertone to it. My Birkin(Clemence) is Chartreuse and Bastia Coin purse is VA(togo), I took some pics for you, and the back of the clover is orange.

Oct 12, 2006
^Oh, thank you so much for all the pics.. wow!! I think I'll need my SA to do a little research... since the inside of my SO Birkin is supposed to be Chevre, VA in Chevre does seem to have more yellow in it... maybe my SA can match up the clover with a Chevre accessory to see how it coordinates...

Thank you again!! Much appreciated!! :flowers: