Small reveal :)

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  1. Hey friends! I received a delivery at work today and I wanted to share it with my fellow Tiffany lovers!



    I must admit that the mug is a lot smaller than I anticipated -- it looks more like a teacup than a mug! Anyone else have it? Does it come in two sizes or has it always been this small?

    I love this interlocking ring! I'm planning on pairing it on the same hand as a ring I have in white gold with black diamonds.



    Thanks for letting me share!
  2. Congrats on both!!! Modeling pics of the rings please, including the ones with black diamonds.
  3. Lovely pieces! Congrats!
  4. Very nice. Congrats
  5. I like both of these items. I may have to get that mug very soon! Congrats and I agree with others--mod pics of the ring if you have the time!

  6. Thanks! I will try to post some tonight after work :smile:

    Thank you! I'm so happy with them :smile:

    Thank you uhpharm01! :smile:

    Thank you! Yes, you should get the mug, it's adorable! I'll try to post mod pics today after work.
  7. The mug is so adorable!
  8. Do you have a mod shot of the rings? Your cup is super cute!
  9. love the tiffany pieces.. congrats!
  10. Beautiful!I have the mug as well and its the same size! I've never used mine to be honest but like having it as room decor on my shelf.

    Yes please do post a modelling shot with the ring on.

  11. Thank you!

    Thanks :smile:

  12. Thank you! And yes I do have a mod shot:


  13. Thank you! Good to know it's the right size. I'm torn between using it as decor and using it as an actual mug lol. I just posted the mod pic :smile:
  14. Very nice! I love the mug.... Thats on my wishlist!!

  15. Thank you!