Small Reveal...

Feb 25, 2009
Los Angeles/ San Francisco
I went to return my shoes from BG at Neimans Fashion Island to have it sent back and credit back. I decided to take a look at Chanel Boutique and asked to see if they had any red SLG's and she pulled out a few and actually pulled out what I was and have been looking for?! I wanted to wait for the credit to process since I had used a GC and she said she was happy to reprocess it if they ended up sending me the GC back. She said they probably will refund it all to the CC. Then she goes on to tell me that I should get it because its hard to find these items to our liking and once they are sold they are gone. So I just went ahead and got it?!:P

Anyone here?


Mar 26, 2011
Oh so pretty! Congrats! Would you mind sharing photos of the interior/compartments? I've only ever seen shots of the exterior!

And, I had no idea we could return BG purchases to NM. Does this apply to all NMs!