Small reveal!

  1. I've not been feeling the love for Balenciaga ever since they discontinued G21 hardware, and I'm still not a fan of the new smaller hardware, so I've kind of pretty much resigned myself to the fact I won't have another Bal bag for a long time! However, I fell in love with the combination of Rose Bruyere with rose gold hardware, so when I saw this baby I knew I had to buy it...

  2. [​IMG]
  3. [​IMG]
  4. [​IMG]
  5. Can't take the suspense!!! Show us, show us!!!:woot:
  6. [​IMG]
  7. [​IMG]
  8. Bracelet & I totally agree I don't get the new 12 although I do own a VP City in the smaller size but my other 6 Bals have 21 & I would buy a lot more if it was available.
  9. Sooo pretty!!! Congratulations. :smile:
  10. Here it is - my Rose Bruyere bracelet with RGGH! I adore it!

    I wish I could have dragged the reveal out longer, it's very late here in the UK though and I'm working tomorrow!

    So I've finally got my Rose Bruyere even though it's not a bag! I so WISH I could have a Rose Bruyere bag with the old G21 hardware but never mind, can't stress about something that won't ever exist!

    RB is a truly gorgeous pink - dusky and warm but not too warm, it looks great with both my Papyrus GSH City and my Anthra RGGH City. The perfect accompaniment to my bags!
  11. Very pretty...... Love this colour especially with RGGHW
  12. Me too, I'm so sad about it. I don't always have access to funds like that either, so I only ever bought one Balenciaga a year from when I first got into them in 2010. Although had I known they would discontinue G21, I might have made a more conscious effort to get maybe one or two more! I am also massively into my make-up (unfortunately not the cheap brands either!) and also jewellery, so bags are not my only vice, hence why I usually stick to one Balenciaga a year!

    I wasn't impressed with G12 when I heard about it, but I am usually a sucker for anything new and usually end up liking something new even though I initially insisted I'd hate it (like with every new iPhone that's ever come out, for example!) but that never happened with G12. Even when not shopping for a bag, I'll go into Harvey Nics when out shopping just to look at the G12, sort of hoping that I'll finally click with it and even though I can appreciate they're nice bags, I ALWAYS end up seeing one and thinking 'that would look so nice in G21' and that's what makes me realise I don't really like it enough to buy one.

    Maybe I'll just have to build up my bracelet collection from now on instead! At least it will be cheaper! :lol:

  13. Maybe you could get the LE, I bought the DV GGHW when it came out a few months ago, it sold out in the City within a couple of weeks....... I got into Bal in 2009 & bought 2 but then was more into other brands so didn't buy any more Bals until the beginning of this year & if I'd of known they were discontinuing it I would of carried on buying it from 2009 until now, theres so many colours I missed out on :sad:

    My 12 City doesn't make me smile like the 21 but I've sort of got used to it but I totally understand why you prefer the 21...... I just bought a 2008 Amethyst Day GSHW & its so gorgeous so maybe you could look for some pre owned in excellent condition :smile:
  15. Love the bracelet, RB is a lovely dusky pink, enjoy