small reveal....

  1. some random shot......Thank you :p

  2. Thanks for the modeling look great and these jellies are lovely.

  3. Thanks Dear !!!!!
  4. So cute!!
  5. loving it! Myself may get purple in thong sandal style~~
  6. Love this! I have a pair too. :smile:
  7. They are so cute! How do they feel, comfort-wise? Did you get your regular size or did you have to size down or up?
  8. Cute!
  9. nice! congrats!
  10. Indeed Amanda ^^

    Get it ! you make me itchy wanna go for another pair !

    Woohoo ! SF twins ! Enjoy yours in good health :smile:

    My regular size is 6 , unfortunately they don't make size 6 so i go for size 7 instead :smile:

    Cute & comfortable !

    Thank you Lichy :heart: