Small reveal...

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  1. Happy Wednesday!

    Anyone here for a small reveal? After seeing a few threads about this, I decided to get it. I plan on using it to hold all of the small/extra things floating around in my bag. It fits very nicely in my NF! :smile:
  2. Obligatory box shot... Got it online - I think it took a total of 5 days (including weekend!) from when I ordered to arriving!

  3. First order online... I usually shop at the store. Very painless experience!

  4. Big box!

  5. First Made in France! (Although I don't mind which country it's made in, I just love LV!)

  6. Toiletry Pouch 26!


    Thanks for letting me share!
  7. congratulations, that is such a pretty and useful piece
  8. Congrats!! :smile:)
  9. congrats!!
  10. Cute!
  11. nice -- congrats!!
  12. Congrats :smile: It'll definitely be a well used, well loved item, I'm sure :smile:
  13. Congrats :smile:
  14. Gorgeous. Congrats!!
  15. Congrats!!