small reveal

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  1. went back yesterday

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  2. and

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  3. and then sous de cedre pink/blue/purple GM shawl

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  4. modeling pics

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  5. That's beautiful, MissMargaux! Any chance of seeing it in action???

  7. Love it even more! Do you like the scarf ring (chain)? I have that one coming.
  8. I just got it, and I only tried it at the store and for this pic, but yes I think I will enjoy it. It's diffeerent than the others. It doesn't fit the GMs only the 90s
  9. Yes LQYB, I feel in love when I saw it at the store, the colors. And as the SA pointed out, I can wear it in spring too as the colorway is lighter and even in summer on a cool night like a pashmina.
  10. Beautiful colors MissMargaux :heart:

  11. Miss M~~~ OMG, that beauty of this shawl!!! That tree looks like it's alive!! I can totally walk into the scene just by looking at it!! :tender::tender:
  12. I think it's sooo cute! I don't use anything with the GMs anyway.....I find the 90s much harder to use, and need any help I can get! The knot in your third pic is fabulous!

  13. Oh thank you CG, it's really simple, make a knot with one end on it's own and then put the other end into the "knot" if that makes sense.

    Thanks everyone. and btw, CG, I know what you mean, I need all the help I can get with the 90s too.

    Thanks ladies for sharing my happiness. I feel like a little kid squealing with delight over my new Kelly and the shawl and ring.

    Oh and my SA said that the this scarf ring was selling really fast, I think I got the last one.
  15. <Oh and my SA said that the this scarf ring was selling really fast, I think I got the last one.>

    Mine told me the same thing today, MM. She's holding it and another one for me until I make up my mine about a purse she's also holding for me.

    Thanks for the tip on your knot! :heart: