Small Reveal/Vent: This Might Be My Last Chanel Purchase For A While

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  1. Hello everyone, I was looking for the Camellia Flap Wallet and a wonderful TPFer told me that s/he had seen it at South Coast Plaza. We were in that area this past weekend (we live about 4 hours away) so I called Chanel on Friday and they were able to do a purchase hold for me. I asked the sales to send some pictures to me because I wasn't sure if we were talking about the same wallet nor if it's the color that I like. She said she would, but by the end of the day, I didn't get anything from her. I figured it was fine since technically I had already purchased it and it'll just be another day until I see it in person.

    Fast forward to Saturday afternoon, I got there and the sales wasn't there that day. They were busy so I waited for a while until someone was able to help me. She took the wallet from the back and it was already wrapped inside the shopping bag. I asked her if I could see the wallet since I haven't seen it yet and I wasn't sure if I was going to take it or not. She unwrapped the box and took the wallet out. Unfortunately, it wasn't the same style that I was looking for and I wasn't in love with the color either (it was a dusty red). Also, there was a long faint scratch on the interior . I was disappointed, but all of the sudden, I noticed this pink thing inside the glass case right in front of me. It was a pink Chevron Flap Wallet and I took this one home instead... Here she is :


    Now, here is the reason why I said this was probably my last Chanel purchase for a while (besides the fact that I'm banned): I don't buy Chanel all the time, it's always been like a spur of the moment thing. I just buy if and when I happen to see something that I love. I've only made 5 Chanel purchases so far (within the last 6 years) and I must say, I don't know what exactly is the "Chanel experience". I don't even know if the customer service that I've received is even considered good...

    After I paid for the wallet, she handed me the receipt and put the box (without a ribbon) in the shopping bag, and she also put the used ribbon (the one that was used to wrap the Camellia wallet that I ended up not taking) in the bag. I'm not going to lie, I was somewhat annoyed by what she did. I used to work at Tiffany & Co. right out of college, and this is definitely not how we trained our sales associates. First of all, our sales would always wrap the box (whether if it was a new purchase or an exchange) and most importantly, they would never put the used ribbon inside of the shopping bag for the customer to take home (unless they ask for it). I don't know how Chanel trains their employees, but out of the 5 purchases that I've made in the past, I've only had my boxes wrapped nicely twice. It's very inconsistent and not acceptable, imo. Most importantly, I've never had a great experience at Chanel, even when I purchase something. I've made purchases in the US and Europe before, and I haven't encountered any friendly sales associates. They'd always come off as not interested in helping me. I don't know if it's because I look a lot younger than my age (I'm almost 30, but could prob pass as a college student) or if it's the way that I dress or maybe my accent? I've noticed that their eyes would always wander around while they're helping me. There was one time when the sales just left me (without saying "I'll be right back" or "excuse me") and went to help this couple that just walked into the store. I was left there for 15-20 minutes, waiting patiently because I wanted to buy this bag. I'm not going to lie, I feel intimidated walking into a Chanel store, but I don't ever feel this way walking into a LV or even an Hermes store. This might sound weird, but I'm never 100% happy after shopping at Chanel. I don't feel respected as a customer and I would get mad at myself for being a sucker for buying even when I don't get treated right. Now I wonder if I should ever go back and shop at Chanel.

    Anyways, enough venting. Thank you guys again for listening. You guys are the best!
  2. Sorry to hear about your experience. I personally don't like going into luxury goods boutiques or even dept stores due to the snobbish attitudes I often encounter there. I seem to get better treatment when I'm dressed up, but since I know it's usually insincere, it doesn't make me feel better about them. Nonetheless, I hope this doesn't stop you from getting the items you want.

    With any stand-alone Chanel boutique purchase I've made, they've always wrapped my box with ribbon and flower. My guess was that they were busy, and decided not to wrap yours (WTF?). That's so annoying.

    The last purchase I made at a Chanel was in Nordstrom, where she just put the box in a Nordstrom bag. Not sure if that is typical, as I hadn't purchased Chanel in a boutique within a dept store before. HTH
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    Congratulation on your wallet! I love its color than the red Camellia :smile:

    I hear you and I agree the customer service at that place, Bloomingdale's Chanel inside South Coast Plaza CA, is the worst I've ever seen.
    I was there last Christmas to check out a boy bag that I have in mind, and an SA named Ruth told me the one I'm looking for wasn't available. She suggested me get on the waiting list but I was not sure if I wanted to wait so I didn't put my name then.
    After couple days of looking, I decided to get in the waiting. So, I texted her that I am ready to get in the waiting list. She told me she was on vacation wait for her 'til she get back in a week.
    I afraid I would lost my chance for the 'boy' in Jan shipment so I call the store, another Bloomingdales' SA got all of my information included the credit card to put me in the 'boy' waiting list, and she even gave me my number on their waiting list.
    After couple weeks not hearing from them, I called to check on the status, since I heard someone got a 'boy' from Bloomingdale's Jan shipment. They said I couldn't find my name or any my information on the list.
    Then, the 1st SA, Ruth, was shouting at me for making thing more complicates by not waiting for her return but talked to another SA, and told me not to call anyone but her there (neither of them is 'my SA') :shocked:

    Luckily, in the end I found a great SA @ Saks (with the information from this forum) & she found me the 'boy' that I'm in love with.
    Happy Ending for me & my 'boy' :hugs:
  4. I love your wallet!!! The pink chevron boy looks amazing....So sorry to hear about your experiences at Chanel and I think you should let Chanel Customer Service know that you were treated poorly and don't feel as though you're a valued customer. I've had similar experiences where people were very snobbish or when I'm dressed nicely they're so fake nice and won't leave me alone wanting to get me to buy anything. I have great SA's but it took awhile to find them...If you ever need a good one let me know cause the way you were treated is a shame and buying a beautiful piece like you did should have been a wonderful experience and fond memory instead of cautionary tale.
  5. Are you shopping at the Standalone Chanel or like a saks or neiman's Chanel? I feel like the sales reps at the saks and neiman's stores are so much nicer and friendlier. I find the sa's at the stand alone stores to be a bit snobby.

    Regardless of where you shop, you should never feel intimidated. I totally know what you mean though by not being taken as seriously. I always have that problem and I'm almost forty! I also tend to dress casual. Just remember that you are the customer and the customer is always right so feel and act confident when you go into a store. The moment I start speaking the sa's perk up because they suddenly realize I mean business. The sa's are people too and they are in the business of serving. Some just forget what side of the counter they stand on. In college I worked retail too so I find it hilarious when sa's are stuck up.

    If the only reason you're not happy about Chanel is from the service, try shopping elsewhere. I started shopping at Chanel a couple years ago mainly buying presents for my mom and then started shopping for myself recently. Some items have been great while others have been so so in quality, but I think you'll find that with almost any lux brand. I've had the same issues with Gucci and Louis Vuitton. It's unfortunate this is the case given now expensive these items are, but they are also handmade so there will be some mistakes made along the way. The best thing to do is do some serious research on the item you want before purchasing it! Best of luck!
  6. I used to live in Laguna and I shopped at the South Coast Plaza Sak's for my Chanel. I would always go dressed casually in gym type clothes and they always treated me nicely. If I walked into the stand alone Chanel at South Coast I was lucky to get anyone to even glance my way, let alone come over and help me. I wish I could remember the lovely Asian woman that used to assist me at Sak's. I would recommend going there. Not to mention the perks of the Sak's card!

  7. Thank you. I appreciate it. I think it would be fine if she just left it unwrapped, but throwing the used ribbon in there was something that annoyed me.

    The last Chanel item that I've purchased was from the Chanel in a Nordstrom and they didn't wrap the box either. However, my first Chanel purchase from the Chanel in a Neiman Marcus did come wrapped with a flower. It'd be nice if they could keep it consistent.

    Thank you and thanks again for looking out for me! It was unfortunate that the Camellia wallet didn't work out, but I found this beauty!

    That's terrible and unprofessional! I can't believe she was shouting at you... Omg. I'm glad you found the Boy at another store. Honestly, I don't think I'd want to shop with them again (this was my first and last time) and thank God we have options.

    Thank you. I appreciate it. I haven't thought about writing to Chanel's CS; maybe I'll do that.

    It's so hard to find a good sales associate (anywhere)! I'll definitely ask for your advice when I'm ready to make another purchase again.

    Thank you for the reply! I was at the Chanel inside Bloomingdales. I've shopped at the standalone Chanel, Chanel inside NM, Chanel inside Nordstrom, and now Bloomies; I haven't had a good experience (5/5). I don't understand why it's so hard to find a good sales associate that's friendly and genuine. Sigh. I think I might stick with LV for now because at least I feel welcomed in their stores about 90% of the time. It makes me feel good to spend my $ there and not coming home with this "wtf just happened" feeling.

  8. I'll definitely consider shopping at the Chanel inside Saks next time. Thanks for your advice!
  9. your wallet is lovely:smile: the color in that style is just perfect imo

    personally, i often buy LV and Bal before Chanel these days b/c they let you shop online.. no nasty attitudes, easy returns, and you can actually see items and not guess about inventory. that's a definite downer, when you're not served with a smile

  10. Thank you!!

    Same here! I love shopping online too so that I won't have to deal with unfriendly, rude SAs.
  11. Such a gorgeous piece! It's such a shame companies like Chanel still have these issues with SA's considering how much money people spend on the brand. Hopefully you'll find someone better next time if you decide to shop there again and enjoy the experience!
  12. Congrats on your beautiful wallet!

    So sorry to hear your bad experience at the store. Personally I go through my Nordstrom SA for most of my Chanel purchases nowadays. Even though the Nordstrom I shop at doesn't have a Chanel boutique she could get pretty much anything I want for me, much nicer not have to deal with bad customer service at the boutique. Enjoy your lovely wallet!
  13. Love the wallet you ended up with! That was poor customer service your received, but just like any other establishment, if customers aren't complaining to the hand that feeds (the top usually), then nothing is done enough for the employees to change (meaning no consequences are put into effect for them to not repeat the behavior). You should consider taking the time to write a short letter about the way you were treated, the item being wrapped before you got there to see what you are purchasing (duh ppl) and how it deterred you from the brand and send to Chanel top. Just so they start to hear what we hear so often. They may only hear the positives....none of us know for sure.

    I live in SoCal but do not shop at SCP due to their snobbish demeanor. Not all of them but it's rediculous to receive bad service if your 1 SA isn't there 🙄 I buy from the boutique in San Fran over the phone, Bergdorf Goodman, Saks in a different state via phone and NM at Fashion Island. If you need a good SA at NM Fashion Island, pm me and I'll share. Don't go back to the boutique if your not comfortable.

    FYI, many times at the Dept stores, they do not wrap Chanel with ribbon or flower unless you buy a classic. But I have bought shoes from my SA at Saks and he did some times wrap them and others didn't. So depends on SA and if they are busy, have someone else wrap it but they don't bother, etc.
  14. Lovely wallet!
    I agree customer service is sometimes quite sub-par for the amount of money we pay, I've noticed Tiffany's staff always wrap the boxes too! Gosh there was a time I got my chain (silver) cleaned and the lady put it in a new pouch in a box and wrapped it! THAT is great customer service, seriously how much can a little extra packaging cost? Next to nothing for big companies like that, for that price they've gained customer loyalty! Chanel could learn a thing or two.
  15. South Coast Plaza Sak's doesn't carry Chanel handbags, I just checked last month :sad: