Small Reveal - Some FOS Purchases!

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  1. I haven't done a reveal in quite awhile because I am steadfastly trying not to buy many more bags, but occasionally I cave in and buy some accessories on the Coach Factory Online Sale.

    I agree with other Coachies who say they return more when buying online because sometimes the items aren't what you expect when you see them IRL. I think that is especially true of the FOS because there often aren't as many pics or details given like the site; but sometimes you get lucky!

    If I don't like them IRL, I return the items to the outlet and then buy more stuff while I am there, it is a vicious cycle!

    Anyway, here's the smallest item. I had ordered an XL packable weekender from the FOS but didn't care for it IRL. I added this little gem to the order as an after-thought because it was so cheap. I am returning the weekender but I will keep this cutie!

    Passport Photoframe KeyFob 61908 sv mc (MSRP = $38; paid $13). Here's a couple of snapshots and a Coach Drill Down photo. Isn't it darling?!

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  2. It is adorable! I got this too in an FOS last Aug/sept before my big lockout.:P
    I did return a few bags also but kept this. I love the details and the price!
  3. I have always loved Coach leather gloves. I already have 2 pair and I have given several others as gifts to both men and women. I once gave away a gorgeous teak pair that I should have kept for myself!

    The first time I purchased coach gloves my plan was to keep them for special occasions and wear my regular old gloves everyday - but I quickly abandoned that plan. The leather is so soft and the cashmere lining is delicious and they are very, very warm! Coach gloves are all that I ever wear now!

    Anyway, I have been oggling the gloves on the FOS quite a bit lately and the other night they added an "take and extra 10%" offer to the already reduced prices, so I relented and ordered 2 pair!

    Both pairs of my current coach gloves are black so I wanted to get something more colorful - and I sure did!

    These red gloves are so beautiful I am thinking of buying a new winter coat just to showcase them! I am sure that they are FP delete gloves, not MFF, because there isn't a white dot on the cloth tag and the lining is 100% cashmere.

    The tiny turnlocks actually work and the black trim is so elegant, I love these gloves!

    82825 B4 RD Red 3 Turnlock Gloves (MSRP = $168, Paid = $52.92) Here are a few snapshots and modeling pics, and a drill down photo.


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  4. Here is the second pair of gloves and they are also FP deletes. They are really beautiful but I may give them to a friend who really loves the color purple!

    Grape Buckle Gloves 82055 GRA (MSRP = $ 128; Paid = $40.32) Again here are some snapshots, a modeling pic, and a drill down image.

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  5. love those gloves!
  6. wow those gloves are gorgeous!! you got me wanting some of those now....just gorgeous
  7. Here's my last FOS purchase and I may return because it is much larger and longer than I realized - and I am short!

    Enamel Seahorse Necklace 96737 GD NV (MSRP = $128; Paid = $57.60)

    Again, here are some pics including one with a navy and white striped enamel bow ring that I bought a few years ago so that you can see how large the pendant really is - it is bigger than some seahorses actually are IRL!

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  8. I know!I was planning to use it as a stocking stuffer Christmas gift but I kept it for myself instead!
  9. Twins on the fob and wow, those gloves are gorgeous! Congrats!

    I love the seahorse necklace too!
  10. Coach gloves are (another!) weakness of mine and I prefer to buy the FP deletes. The MFF gloves are nice but they are are often a bit plain and the linings are usually a blend of cashmere and wool.

    I love the detailing, butter-soft leather, and 100% cashmere of the boutique gloves and it is so glorious when you can get them as deletes at a great price! :graucho:
  11. Thanks, the seahorse is so cute, but I am not sure about the size; when I sit down the large pendant hands at my waist and I am a busty woman!
  12. Pretty stuff, congrats!
  13. Thank you! :biggrin:
  14. Cute things! I also love Coach gloves! I got teal last year and even though they aren't anywhere close to be worn out, I bought a red pair this year. I think I did it just to get free shipping but once they came I really loved them. I have a red coat but I think they would look fantastic with a black coat. Where I live it doesn't get very cold, so these two pair will probably last me forever!

    I'm always worried about buying necklaces on FOS. It is so hard to tell if it will work for you. I've only bought one but I ended up returning it. I'm sorry the seahorse didn't work out. It sure is cute! I love how it looks next to your ring.
  15. Thanks! I wish I could say that I live someplace that doesn't get very cold! We are bracing for another blizzard right now here in the midwest!

    I wish Coach would start selling jewelry at the outlets again, I have returned several pieces that I bought on FOS. I should just forget the jewelry!