Small reveal of a new 2017/2018 style

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  1. I stumbled on the new clic 16 wallet with strap in rose extreme with Phw and cinhatic wallet with strap on last night (they were actually also around this morning).

    I liked the turn buckle design of cinhetic and the subtle versatile look of clic 16. Most of all, the price point for wallets/wallet on chain style. However, I wasn’t sure if the size of cinhatic and I am not sure I am a pink person (albeit rose extreme is a gorgeous colour).

    With much vexation, research here and on social media, and, of course, much applauded self control, I didn’t order anything on line and instead called my local store first thing in the morning.

    And to my great surprise, yes!!! They had ONE (the first of the kind in store too!) in blue indigo.

    When I turned up in store, they also had cinhatic!! In green (my total pet peeve)! Yay! One stop for all!

  2. This photo also provides a good comparison/idea of cinhetic wallet.
  3. Two small items.

    First: vert vertigo bastia in Epsom.

  4. Lol my upload is messed up. So you see the inside of clic 16 in the last message as well.

    Here it is.
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  5. Very cool! Thanks for sharing this new bag with us.
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  6. You’re welcome. It’s technically a wallet by Hermes definition. ;)
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  8. Thank you ;)
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  9. love it!
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  10. Love it. This might have to be added to my wish list. :biggrin:
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  11. What a cool wallet! Love that it comes with a strap!
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  12. Love this new style! Congrats! You have 2 of them!!
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  13. Thank you.
  14. Hee it might become quite popular considering the price point and the fact that you can use it as a small woc
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  15. Totally! ;) the worksmansbip is exquisite!