Small Reveal. Just 2 Small Coach Cuties!

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  1. Where are my fellow Coachies? :party: Anybody around to make some guesses?

  2. I'm here!

    Keyfob of some sort!
  3. I am here - OPEN
  4. opennnnn
  5. I can't guess worth anything.

    Miranda Sphere keyfob is my best guess. :biggrin:
  6. Another teaser...

  7. More guesses? :woohoo:
  8. Looks like it might be a red or pink scarf?
  9. scarf
  10. Pink Poodle Keyfob??
  11. Heart scarf?
  12. pink scarf???
  13. Nuh uh :P This is a crappy camphone picture and doesn't do her justice. She's a lot more prettier in real life...

  14. Sorry I meant nuh uh to all the fob guesses :lol: This is her on my Ali baby :love:

  15. Okay, I haven't seen that before so I never would have guessed.

    Does this mean you might actually USE the Ali now? :P