Small Reveal & AWFUL Hautelook RANT!

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    Hi Everyone,

    I wanted to share a small reveal & my experience buying preloved from Hautelook. I've had decent experiences in the past with Hautelook, and decided to pick up a preloved LV item back in January. It's my very first epi leather piece! :smile:

    After a mix up on Hautelook's end printing an incorrect shipping address (they gave me a $10 credit for the "hassle"), the package was undeliverable and they told me it was getting returned to HL. However, they don't have an internal process available that could reship an item that gets returned to HL, so I would have to wait almost 6-8 weeks to get a refund. Anywho, I was able to track down the package 28 days after it was undeliverable at the local USPS before it was returned to HL (I was lucky- no thanks to HL!)

    I was so excited to open the package today to see my new piece only to find that the box it came in had MOLD on it and the piece smells so awful! The condition looked good online and there wasn't any mention about the musty awul odor, I'm so disappointed!

    I've included a few pics below. Since it's a smaller piece I had some trouble getting pics of the moldy/musty spots in the slit pockets. Does anyone have any advice on how to get rid of the smell? I'm going to leave it out of the box for now to see if it will "air out." Trying to stay positive, but wanted to WARN others about HL's LV items before purchasing!

    *I also wanted to mention that I understand it's a vintage piece and won't be in perfect condition, but the odor and lack of details listed on HL's website is unacceptable. Trying not to regret this purchase.

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  2. Wow, what a roller coaster! Besides the smell are you in LVoe? After all that, I would return it (especially bc of my mold/dust allergy), unless I couldn't absolutely live without it. I'm so sorry that happened to you! :sad:
  3. The only thing that ever worked for me besides gently cleaning with baby wipes (to get rid of smell) is using dryer sheets. But if something smells too bad to fix, I'd return it.

    Sorry for the hassle :sad:
  4. All of their LV items are non-returnable, so unfortunately I'm stuck with my decision. Although, it's truly gorgeous piece and I LVoe the colors! :hbeat:

    I'll try baby wipes and dryer sheets! Thanks for the tips!
  5. So sorry to hear this. I would still make them aware of how unhappy and disappointed you were. You never know, they might have some sort of solution? Or even an apology would be nice! But it's lovely and I'm amazed at the exterior condition! Congrats
  6. +1
  7. Congrats
  8. Sorry to hear about this!! I heard that if you get some baking soda and put it on a cotton swab to swab out the mold, etc area, it can help with the smell and "dry it out" in a sense. I heard baking soda works wonders for smelly bags but I have not tried it myself.

  9. Sure, non returnable if they're as described and you simply have buyer's remorse. If the item is not as described and you're unhappy with it and they won't take it back, I'd definitely look into other avenues for pursuing them through your card company. These things cost too much to be taken advantage of.
  10. Thats a little mean...her piece arrived moldy and she's not happy with it :confused1:
  11. This is exactly what I was thinking, if you try to return and they wont accept it, I'd contact your CC company. This is totally unacceptable, I'm so bummed for you!
  12. I'm sorry to hear about your negative experience. Regardless of their return policy, if you're not happy you should return it. Tell them you want to return it, it was a distance sale, you didn't have the opportunity to see the item before you bought it, and their description was inaccurate. If they don't oblige you, contact your card company.

    If, on the other hand, you can get the smell out and be happy with it, the yellow/purple Epi really is a gorgeous combination! :smile:
  13. To me that is a health hazard. Mold spores are not going to be gone unless you bleach them out. They are probably inside the lining between the two pieces of leather too. I would think they can easily get on any other thing you put in your purse with this item and even start to grow on your purses. You may not notice it at first because it will take time for it to spread.
    I would never take the chance of infecting my other things and home with mold. I would contact your credit card company and get a refund. They did not say mold when they sold it to you. In the end is this piece really worth it? Will it change your life that you have to have it? Perhaps I think differently because of dealing with mold allergies and seeing how sick they can make you.
  14. Thanks for the input, everyone! I really appreciate the responses. I've been so bothered by this, but I'll call HL tomorrow to see what we can do. I'm also going to reach out to my CC company too. I definitely don't want mold growing in my other bags!
  15. Oh no, sorry to hear about your experience :sad:

    I agree with what others had said about contacting your CC company. One other avenue is to file a complaint with BBB:

    I did a quick check and it looks like HauteLook is BBB accredited, which means they must respond to all complaints filed. I've had pretty good success when I used BBB - either got my money back or some other type of compensation that I was satisfied with.

    Good luck!