small reveal....anyone in?

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  1. Cute fobs! Congrats!
  2. Poppy fobs!!! so cute :biggrin: your picture reminds me of an I-spy book I had when I was younger, lol. congrats on the new Poppy goodies :smile:
  3. I'm a total 80's girl and fell in love with the charms. The rainbow reminds me of Rainbow Bright and the pegasus reminds me of She-Ra's horse, Spirit/Swift wind, lol. Just had to have them!
  4. super cute!!!
  5. so fun! totally reminds me or rainbow bright and my little pony days! LOL love them!! congrats autumn!
  6. Very cute Fobs and they add so much to your Paytons
  7. cute fobs! enjoy!
  8. Cute fobs, and love your photo of them... very artsy!
  9. Aw, I loved your dressed-up Peyton babies! They look so pretty!
  10. Very cute stuff!