Small reveal and rant.

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  1. Hi everyone

    I usually just lurk around the Chanel forum, but I had such a bad experience today at my local store and I really just need to rant.

    I came in looking to purchase a pair of classic stud earrings but they were all out so I went with a seasonal pair instead.
    When I came back to purchase after a walk around Holt, the SA who originally helped me was on her break, so two other SAs rang me through. The first SA (let's call her A) seemed really unsociable and uninterested in us. When I pulled out my card to pay, she just threw it on the counter and walked away. The second SA (B) began wrapping up my earrings, and proceeded to place my earrings really close to the edge of the counter. Before I could grab them or say anything, one of my earrings rolled right off and crashed into the ground. B just kinda went "oh", picked it up and tried to wrap it up. I was in absolute shock and quickly asked to see it. She must've given me the other pair because when I inspected it, it was perfectly fine. Right away my mom told me to just come back another day and get a different pair; one that hasn't been dropped on the ground. But I have wanted Chanel earrings ever since I was in junior high, and I was determined to get them today. Stupid me. SA A came back and just handed over the bag and receipt without a word. I took the bag and left but realized I didn't get a Camilla, so I turned back and asked for one. The look on her face made me want to leave and never purchase anything from Chanel ever again.

    When I got home, I tried to cheer myself up by thinking that I finally got what I wanted after so long. As soon as I took out my earrings I could see a huge crack and chunk of crystal missing on one of the earrings.
    I was so angry I started to shake. First gave me poor customer service and then they sold me a damaged product.
    I called right away to make sure that I could come in for an exchange or a repair and they said okay.

    So I have to go all the way back downtown tomorrow.

    Is it because I'm young? Is it because I'm not a frequent customer, or because I didn't dress nice enough, or it is because I didn't buy anything expensive?
    I can't believe what I experienced today. Usually when we go in, everyone is relatively nice and friendly. I'm so upset it don't even want to go back tomorrow.

    Thanks for letting my rant :sad:
    Here are the earrings. The crack is on the earring on the right, the bottom left crystal.


  2. I'm sorry to hear this happened to you. If you usually experience good service maybe the SAs had a bad day? I don't believe that bad customer service is tolerable at all and I'd be making sure that your experience is put in writing to the manager. I hope you'll be OK to exchange your earrings tomorrow, and I hope the shopping experience is much better next time.
  3. Sorry to hear about your experience. With regards to the quality of the earrings, I'm sure they will do a replacement for you.

    For the camellia, I'd never gotten it ever no matter what I got.. Be it small leather goods, bags or earrings. Even I asked for it, they will say they run out of it.

    Luckily for me, I had another outlet not too far away and their customer service is so much better. Hopefully u can find another Chanel outlet to visit in future.. :smile:
  4. You should write in to Chanel head office. Period

    Buying a Chanel piece should be a wonderful experience
  5. Feel sorry for you, you should write to cs to complaint, no one deserves such "service" !
  6. I'm sorry the service you received wasn't stellar. I hope you get some resolution to your earring purchase today. You are buying a quality product, a luscious brand, you should get the service that accompanies it. If I were you, (I hate confrontation) I would suggest you speak to a manager regarding the SA's behaviors, throwing your credit card, dropping products and now the damaged product you have to exchange now.
  7. I'm so sorry! You shouldn't feel bad buying anything anywhere, it doesn't matter what it is, how you're dressed, nothing. I hope things go well with the exchange and please do talk to the mannager or write their service, this was far from right.
  8. This is terrible. I would suggest talking to the manager and getting a refund. I'm so sorry to hear about this. Which Chanel boutique was this at? I'd want to avoid it too!

    I find the boutiques a bit hit and miss. A few in New York were great. But I had a terrible time in the Chicago one as well! I asked to see the brooches, since I couldn't see them behind the counters and instead of showing them to me, the SA just waved her hand at me and said "just look around and tell me when you're ready to buy". I had to ask again "excuse me where are these brooches? Can you show me?" before she finally walked over with me. She then stood there with her arms crossed over the whole time while I looked at the brooches. The store was half empty so it wasn't because she was busy! I also was using my reissue bag so it wasn't like I was badly dressed.

    Poor service is just unacceptable when things cost as much as they do at Chanel.
  9. I'm so sorry you went through that... No matter whether you buy or just browsing, the SAs must at all time be cordial to everyone that walks in. This is unacceptable, you should speak to the manager about this... Since it is not fair for other people to experience the same thing... It is not a good feeling.
  10. Sigh! .. I don't get these people if you're so grumpy and incapable of treating people politely DONT WORK IN SALES! Why is this so hard for some SAs to understand! Beautiful earrings sweetie hope you can get them replaced
  11. That is unacceptable and very disrespectful.

    Definitely write to a manager/corporate to have them know that experience wasn't service at all.

    Return, don't repair the earrings. You deserve a fresh pair, not one they were negligent with.

    Sorry to hear this was your experience at Chanel :sad: hope you find the earrings you wanted the first time. Don't settle for ones you didn't want originally.
  12. And this is why I don't shop at Chanel in Holt Renfrew. I find the SA's to be apathetic and bored, they don't care about providing a luxury experience, they just want their paycheque. It had nothing to do with the way you look hunny, trust me. I could go there in head to toe Chanel and be ignored and treated with disrespect too, but I refuse to give that store my money. I would email Chanel corporate and relay your experience to them.

    FWIW, your earrings are beautiful and I hope you get a replacement. :smile:
  13. I think a lot of the bad service at the boutiques revolves around commission. The SA who was on break would receive the commission on the sale, not the SAs doing the transaction and packaging, so they were probably less enthusiastic.

    It is still no excuse for their bad behavior! Sorry you had to be treated that way! :nono:
  14. Sorry to hear about your experience and I hope u get a new pair because its gorgeous!!
  15. Sorry to hear about your bad experience. I had one really bad experience that turned me off from shopping at the boutique for a long time. It can be really hit or miss with service. I hope you get a replacement, because those earrings you picked out are so gorgeous, I love the art deco look of them.