Small Reveal a La MK!:)

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  1. Well Ladies, I have been dying to buy a new MK wallet for quite some time now! I was eyeing this baby when I went to the MK Boutique today in the mall, and finally decided to take the plunge! :biggrin: Introducing my MK Vanilla Fulton Carry all wallet.

    At first I was worried about the color because it may get dirty easily and I also wanted to match it with all of the LV purses that I interchange with my MK Handbags. So when I got home, I sprayed it with my MK Rain and Stain Repellant Leather Spray, so hopefully it will protect the leather and preserve the color of the leather. Below she is in a picture with my MK Vanilla Gansevroort Tote, what do you all think is she a keeper? Thanks for letting me share!

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  2. Great looking wallet and it looks great with your bag too!
  3. LOVE that bag!
  4. Great wallet!
  5. Love the wallet and bag! Congrats!
  6. Nice reveal! I love how it goes with the bag without being toooo matchy matchy you know? Great selection!
  7. Hi Ladies I ended up returning the MK Vanilla Fulton Wallet, and bought the Hamilton Luggage wallet instead. I was worried about the color transfer and the oil from my hands would darken the leather overtime. So I picked up the luggage hamilton and am very happy with my choice. Here is my reveal part deux! :biggrin:

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  8. I like that wallet better. Very neutral & can work with many bags.
    I want both of the items you have. lol
  9.! Now I want the matching Hamilton Tote in the catalogue I brought home too, I can never have enough MK! :graucho:
  10. Hey you gotta do what you gotta do! Love the second choice as well :smile:
  11. LoVe it! great choice, enjoy!
  12. Thanks everyone for all your comments, it's my first MK wallet and so far I LOVE it! Enjoy your weekend everyone! :biggrin:
  13. The vanilla fulton was gorg but the luggage hamilton kills me!! love the ghw :smile: