Small rant about my INK office bag

  1. Yesterday I took my ink office bag out of the dust bag and found out the tassel on the front pocket is splitted from one end of the tassel. Mind you that I have only used this bag for 3 times so far. Felt unhappy and wondered whether this is common issue for all B-bags?:sad:
  2. Yes--split tassles have a thread somewhere (maybe more than one)--a common issue.
  3. yeppers, it started happening on my brand new b-bags too, but the nyc store happily sent me new ones :smile:
  4. If you bought it at Bal NY won't they give you extras?
  5. Is it just because they are so thin? EEEK I hope that doesn't happen to my babies :sad:
  6. Yes. I called the store about extra tassels a little while back, and the SA I spoke with said that if you bought your bag from the NY store, they will send you a replacement set free. :smile:
  7. I have had no problems with my tassels - but VERY cautious.
  8. i don't have a problem with my tassles but it looks that they will split eventually. I think it's because they are not sealed and therefor they split.
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