Small Quick Reveal + Epi Electric Brea MM Question

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  1. Hello everyone!

    I decided to purchase a little LV item today from the previous poll I held earlier :biggrin: Thanks to all your votes, I couldn't resist her! :cloud9: So I got.... the pomme cles! :yahoo:

    NOW for another question: Does anyone know if LV has released the brea MM in epi electric?? Because the SA said that there's none in the whole of Australia and she doesn't know if they will get any in/if it has been discontinued. I haven't even seen the MM size in electric before, so I was wondering if it has even been released yet? Or did they only make limited numbers? :shucks:

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  2. Gorgeous cles congratz :biggrin:
  3. Beautiful, congrats!
  4. Congrats!
  5. Thanks guys :smile:
  6. congrats for the lovely cles ! pomme is great vernis !!!!
  7. Congrats!
  8. Congrats, that is on my list. I love Pomme.
  9. Congrats .. I thought the Epi-Electric Brea has already been released here?
  10. ^ Thank you again everyone!! :smile:

    Really? Because I've never seen it in stores/on the website - so I always thought it hadn't yet.. Hope they're still making it !
  11. I know needlv has the GM...I am sure I have seen it instore here...I will check for you tomorrow:smile:
  12. ooo that would be great! I've def. seen it in GM, but never in MM size ~ Could you also check the price of the MM in electric for me while u're there? Thanks heaps :graucho:
  13. ^^ No worries ... I am sure I saw it on display a while ago
  14. Congrats on your pomme cles!
  15. Congrats!