Small Purple Pixie Reveal

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  1. I’m a newcomer to Chloé, lured by this shade of purple. I’d been toying with the small Pixie, small Nile, or Nile Minaudière. Unfortunately, the small Nile doesn’t hold an encased iPhone plus, and as much as I like the bracelet handle, carrying both a purse and phone in hand is impractical for me. The Minaudière does fit a phone, but not much else—and definitely not glasses friendly. :sad:

    The SA suggested the small Pixie, which easily holds my phone, glasses, wallet, headphones, and lipstick—basically everything I want in a small purse minus a water bottle. It’s light, and I love the contrasting textures and handles. The price is more than I’d like to pay for a Chloé purse, especially at this time, but I rarely buy bags and could see myself wearing it regularly. Now for a tough decision!

    Pics of purse by itself, and to [casual second tri] body scale.

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  2. Looks nice on you.
    And the color is stunning. I'm considering getting the small Nile Bag in that color.
  3. Gorgeous! Sounds practical and the color is fantastic.
  4. Truly a lovely shade! Enjoy!
  5. Love the colour! Congrats!!!
  6. Confessions: I returned the purse.

    I was lucky enough to have caught a few defects before cutting the tag. Near the base of the handles, there were—not one—but several chips or scratches, to the extent that the metal underneath the brass was showing. The bag arrived to me with the handles wrapped in foam, so I’m not sure how this happened. In any event, it put me off from my buying it because I thought if this is how the purse looks now, what’ll it look like in a year or two? Too bad, because I love the colour.
  7. very cute and purple gives it an edge.Congrats!
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