Small PS reveal -- thoughts?

  1. Hi everyone! I'm posting a quick reveal of my new PS pochette on Smoke. I ordered this over the weekend online and love that it has the old dustbag, interior, and hardware. The leather is super soft and supple -- I'm really impressed with the quality.

    However, I'm still on the fence about it in general. I've wanted a smaller bag, but passed up on the pouch since I purchased a Celine Trio earlier this month and don't really have a need for 2 smaller crossbody bags. I've never owned a "clutch" style, so I'm unsure about it.

    For owners of the pochette, what are your feelings about it? Do you find it convenient to use? How often do you use it? Is it worth it?

    Here are some quick pics. I'm home sick today (stomach pains) in comfy PJs, so no modeling pics.

    Thanks for letting me share! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1374609954.319483.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1374609968.380478.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1374609983.303457.jpg
  2. It's lovely. I guess it depends on whether you can imagine yourself wearing a clutch. I quite like using a clutch sometimes, mainly in the evening. I don't have a pochette but I have a couple of old Balenciaga flat clutches. They have the wrist strap which I find incredibly useful. Using a clutch without that strap feels a lot less secure. I prefer the pouch with the cross body strap but it's a very different look and feel and you're right, probably too close to your Celine.

    What are your thoughts on smoke?

    BTW, how are you liking your Celine? Did you post pics somewhere? I'd love to see, esp modeling pics. It looks like it may fit less than the PS pouch, what do you think?

    And I hope you feel better soon.
  3. I've got the pochette in plum and I love it! My large wallet fits comfortably inside (unlike my other clutches) and I can dress it up or down. I take it out a lot during the day especially when I don't have a lot of stuff to carry.

    The lack of a strap was a downside at first but I've gotten used to carrying a clutch instead of a regular handbag. A long strap can actually be a nuisance at times! What drew me to the PS1 pochette in particular was its unique look - a combination of satchel and clutch - which makes it stand out from other bags.
  4. Hi drati -- thanks for your thoughtful response. I'm feeling really torn because I love the color of the one that I received and the fact that it's the "old" hardware and interior. I didn't even think about it not being secure, but you are right. I live in Washington, DC and take the Metro every day for work. It really wouldn't be too convenient or safe to hold it, especially if I'm using my other hand to hold onto a rail. I feel like it misses the point if I tuck the pochette into a bigger bag. I'm now leaning towards returning it, but not sure if I should get the pouch or just wait to get the medium PS1 (really want a midnight). Plus, it's been so hot and humid here that I wonder if my arms being "sticky" will impact the leather and color of the pochette over time.

    Here's a link to my navy Celine Trio: I've only used it twice since I got it earlier this month, which I guess somewhat answers my dilemma question above. I usually use a larger bag for work and grad school everyday, so the smaller-type bag/purse doesn't fit my lifestyle too much except for weekends.

    Hi Aussie111 -- thanks for sharing your experience! Your plum pochette sounds so pretty! I'm glad that you've had such a positive experience with it. I keep going back to look at modeling pics and pics of celebrities using the pochette and I love the way it looks. I'm having a tough time with my decision, which in my mind, probably means I should just return it. I don't want to regret losing out the one I received since it's so lovely in person. Much better leather and color than I expected.
  5. I love the look of the pochette but only you will know how it might fit into your life. I feel more secure holding a clutch that has a strap that is securely on my wrist. But still, a clutch ties up a hand and that can be a hassle.

    Perhaps return it and save up for a medium, if that fits into your life better. You're not that far off, considering the price of the pochette. I use my medium PS all the time, it's become my go to bag. Still love my pouch but it fulfills a different function. Great for travel and evenings and sometimes weekends but my day to day bag is the medium.

    (Your celine trio is gorgeous btw. I love that bag and it's special in navy. Great find.)

  6. I think it's lovely - and I agree - it does both casual and formal, kind of unusual for a bag. I like that.
    When I look at yours I also want one, but I have been a little PS crazy in the last month, so it will have to wait.
    I agree with drati, the medium is a really easy size to use day to day.
    ...but those celeb shots using the pochette make it look really desirable and chic.
  7. Will you be using it much in the evening? It's a great informal, going out in the evening type of clutch e.g. for movies, dinner with friends etc. A bigger bag with a strap is a pain when you are going to dinner because you either have to hang it or put it on the floor. The pochette sits nicely on the end of your lap (under the napkin) during meals and that makes it more secure in a way because it is always with you. Other clutches I've found (besides the Balenciaga) can look too 'formal' to take to a casual evening outing and they do not have enough space inside, unlike the pochette.
  8. I agree. You make some great points here Aussie.