Small Problem Hardware Question

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  1. I have bought a couple of older H's (Kelly & Birkin) preowned. Love both bags, But they each have the toggle closure "wiggling" in the square metal it is attached to.

    Has anyone ever had this happen over the years with a bag (these bags are not recent years.)?

    Has anyone ever had the piece break or fall off?

    I sent one in for repair, and now have another one, but am wondering if the H's are so well made this is just a minor imperfection and should hold up well (after all, the bags are possible 10 years old or thereabouts, I forget the stamps...)

    Any thoughts?
  2. Sorry, no pic here.
  3. I don't think you can tell from a still photo - not like it bends to a 15 degree angle or anything like that...:shrugs:
  4. Hermes will replace those pieces for you. No pb. I too had some bags with this problem ...
    Seems that the previous owner loaded the bag too much, and then did not close it properly, so the touret would support all the weight. This happens when one do not close the straps on a Kelly.
    On a Birkin I am not sure how it happens.....probabely if one loads the bag and then puts the flap on, without closing the straps...
  5. _thanks for your experience, that was my thought, too I just hate sending a bag out that I have just gotten, never to be seen for months, boo-hoo . But I probably should get this one fixed, too. Sent the first one back for repair to L.A. in mid-November. Maybe I'll send the other one in when that one gets back.
  6. I've heard about that problem many times so its not uncommon. Sounds like she needs a little tune up. ;)