Small pouch/makeup bag

  1. Does Hermes make a small pouch/makeup bag? If so, does anyone have one, what is it called, and what are the dimensions? Sorry, but I'm over three hours away from a boutique, so I can't go very often.
  2. Hi Tammy518, check out the Karo case. I once had a PM but it was a bit small so I purchased a GM. It's nice and slim and holds all I need. The GM measures about 7.5" x 4.75" x 2.25". I usually see it in Chevre Mysore and Epsom but they probably have it in other leathers.
  3. Thanks, OTINGOCNI. I found one on eBay so I could see what it looked like. I'm looking for something that isn't as structured, though. Does Hermes have one that is either soft-sided or maybe even flat?
  4. You're welcome, Tammy. My Karo GM is made of Chevre Mysore and is very soft and supple, not structured at all. It will be stiffer in Epsom. PM if you wish and I can send you pics.
  5. I just noticed the link just takes you to the main LV site. It's under small leather goods, then Summer '06 Perforated collection, then it's the Pochette Plate. Sorry, I don't know how to import the picture here.
  6. i've got a clarissa case from hermes. i'll try to post a pic later - it's flat, but in a rigid way, so perhaps it's not what you have in mind. it holds quite a bit.