Small Polly Reveal Dilemma!

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  1. Having been through two regular size PPL (in conker and midnight) and returning them because they were just too big and not 'right' for me I still had the lust for a PPL in midnight so thought I would try the small one.

    Now I think I like it, I have loved the design from the first time I saw it on the catwalk and (I think) it looks the right size on me, but I do think maybe it is a little small. I am so usually obsessed that I need a bag for work only (which need to be relatively large) but maybe I should treat myself with a smaller bag for other times?! The regular PPL was too big and chunky for me.

    I also think I am having a little bit of bag guilt at the moment having bought a Bays Tote and a conker SBS last month!

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  2. Modelling pictures!

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  3. very nice :smile:
  4. oopps cross posts! looks fab on you! perfect sized!
  5. I like your green dress. Where did you get it?
  6. I don't think that's too small! It looks really good on you and besides you said the normal one was too big so this should be the perfect second option! It looks great :biggrin:
  7. Thanks :smile: It is from Closet, they are sold in Dorothy Perkins and some independent stores in the UK.
  8. The small Polly looks lovely on you :smile:
  9. Sizewise it looks really great on you ! I am sure you will have lots of occasions when this slightly smaller bag will be perfect.
  10. Wow it looks like the perfect size for u

    But would u mind telling us what is your hight if its not bothering u?
    Because i am kinda medium hight (168cm), and i was concerned about which polly will suit me best

    Thank u :*
  11. I think it looks just fine on you - not too small at all (love the emerald dress too!!)
  12. I am about 163cm, size 10/12.

    This is me with the regular size Neely (which is the older version the regular Polly).

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  13. I think it looks perfect on you! :smile:
  14. It's absolutely gorgeous on you Star IMO. And I agree, the Neely size looks a little clunky.

    I keep saying this, but I LOVE the midnight combo with the brown strap. Brilliant with emerald too!
  15. Small PPL looks very at home with you. Keep her! :smile: