small pocket in off-white

^^ That would be me. I have the blanc pocket for sale. I bought it last week from Chloe NYC. PM me if you are interested. I think I am going to get the mousse instead.
hey callmelulu

the one on NM is the medium and it retails at $1620
the big is much bigger and i think NAP has a picture of it so check it out there i think it sells for around 1850

i dont have the dimensions tho...but the check around the threads im pretty sure someone posted it. if you do a search for ETenebris she has a picture with a comparison of her large and medium pocket. hope this helps :smile:!
Here is my pic of the two side by side. The big pocket is MUCH bigger, with wraparound straps and a full-front pocket (length-wise). The medium pocket has side buckles going vertically, and a smaller front pocket. The big pocket is about 18" wide (when smooshy...Chloe lists it as 15") by about 10" tall by about 8" deep. The medium is about 14-15" wide by about 8" tall by about 6-7" deep.


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