small pocket in off-white

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  1. does anyone have any idea where i can locate a small pocket in off-white! its so cute!!!

    i think i might love this more than the classic paddy...:suspiciou

  2. Look in the marketplace on this board, one of our members has hers for sale. Other than that, I haven't seen any. =)
  3. ^^ That would be me. I have the blanc pocket for sale. I bought it last week from Chloe NYC. PM me if you are interested. I think I am going to get the mousse instead.
  4. NM on line has it in ivory now.
  5. I'm confused...I thought the one on the NM website was the big pocket. anyone know the dimensions and retail price of the small one vs. the big?
  6. hey callmelulu

    the one on NM is the medium and it retails at $1620
    the big is much bigger and i think NAP has a picture of it so check it out there i think it sells for around 1850

    i dont have the dimensions tho...but the check around the threads im pretty sure someone posted it. if you do a search for ETenebris she has a picture with a comparison of her large and medium pocket. hope this helps :smile:!
  7. Here is my pic of the two side by side. The big pocket is MUCH bigger, with wraparound straps and a full-front pocket (length-wise). The medium pocket has side buckles going vertically, and a smaller front pocket. The big pocket is about 18" wide (when smooshy...Chloe lists it as 15") by about 10" tall by about 8" deep. The medium is about 14-15" wide by about 8" tall by about 6-7" deep.

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