Small /PM agenda question :)

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  1. Just curious will the pocket filofax refills fit this agenda I know I watched some YouTube reviews etc but I just wanted to make sure before I placed my order while I would love to get the louis vuitton refills just can't pull the trigger on that yet :smile:
  2. Yep - I just received mine from Filofax and they fit perfectly.
  3. Thank you whew .. I was sweating that !! I looked everywhere and they were sold out everywhere so I had to order the stuff online !! Going to attempt to make divider tabs with washi tape saw it on a you tube this girl did a amazing job for her agenda :smile: figured it is a fun pop of color
  4. Hello,

    Would you please post a link to the video? I am intrigued and want to make sure that I watch the right one.

    I love the small agenda in MC, but I don't like the idea of having to switch out four difference semesters / seasons.

    Thank you!
  5. +1
  6. Thanks so much for posting the link! I appreciate it!
  7. I don't know that I'd be recommending that video to watch for information on LV agendas - she's talking about fakes. :nono: That first 'MM' agenda is awful.

    The Pocket size refills from Filofax definitely fit, though, yes.
  8. I watched you're video on the large agenda and loved it !!! the only part I liked about the above linked video was the divider tabs she made with washi tape and the only real rwason i shared the link .. not a fan of people who do fakes ... thanks for you're response I can't wait to get the package from Filofax so I can get to my planning my agenda cover will be here tomorrow !
  9. Oh, thank you! :smile: I closed the window as soon as I saw that fake agenda, so I didn't see her dividers. LOL. Yeah, Filofax is great for inserts! They do all kinds of useful ones. Enjoy your new agenda!
  10. Good to know!
  11. I'm thinking of buying the LV PM agenda, but when I do I want to have a pen for it. The LV pen's are a bit overpriced IMO. Anyone knows good dupes that aren't too expensive? (Not the tiffany pen) thx for your help :smile: x