Small Pelham Guccissima in Chocolate

  1. [​IMG]

    Hi gals,
    I discovered :heart:this bag:heart: at my local Gucci store and was wondering if anyone might know where I might find a great deal or, better yet, steal on it?

    Thanks in advance for any tips.
  2. You should check bluefly but I am not sure becuase it looks really hot and I am sure its very popular!

    The Gucci sale is starting soon but should be mostly on seasonal stuff!
  3. I love that purse.... Good Luck!!!
  4. Thanks for the tips girls. I checked Bluefly and *no luck*. I will continue searching, hoping and praying...:love:
  5. is this gucci sale in stores or on bluefly ? thanks!
  6. it's in stores and online at