Small Peekaboo bag photo

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  1. I haven't seen anyone post any pics of the small size Peekaboo bag so I figured I'd post my new bag! Got it at Bloomingdales last week....

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    Any modeling pics?

  3. Here ya go! Not me because I'm not in modeling mood, it's my daughter's friend...She's 5'2"...

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  4. ^Looks amazing!!
  5. Thank you! I was about to order a medium size from NM and I'm glad I didn't because when I saw it IRL, it was so huge!!
  6. its sooo BEAUTIFUL!!! I also tried on the med size but like you i felt it was really too big on my 5'1 1/2 frame. Im on the waiting list for the beige small peekaboo but sadly there arent in the US. congrats on yours!!!! LOVE IT!!! =D
  7. Actually I got mine at Bloomingales - Roosevelt field - garden City, Ny - they still have them in black and beige - if you want to call...
  8. its actually not as small as i thought it would be! congrats
  9. OMG REALLY!!!!:nuts: Did the beige have suede interrior because thats the one i have been waiting for. Thank You!!!!

  10. May have been Zucca lining but you can call and ask.
  11. Your bag is beautiful!
  12. Love the small peek a boo...

    not really very small! :nuts:
    Big Congrats! :tup:
  13. very nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!congrats!!!!!!!!!;)
  14. Very nice. Congrats!
  15. Nice nice and nicer!! Love this bag!