Small Paraty vs Medium

  1. I just took some photos indoor with minimum lighting so the white balance was off.
  2. [​IMG]
  3. Can you post some mod pics for proportion to scale?
  4. Do the shorter handles on the small fit over your shoulder?
  5. no. not even the medium one fits on the shoulder.
  6. This may vary for each person but my med paraty easily fits on my shoulder.
  7. So I managed to get over to Holts with tape measure in hand today! So useful, I should carry one at all times.

    The black Paraty measures Med, 15" wide base or maybe it was 14.5" ? I didn't bother measuring the large Rock Paraty because its base is simply too wide for me.

    Holts has a tiny promo this weekend, Gift Card with 10% of the value of your purchase. The black med Paraty is beautiful but I could chance it for a med Rock Paraty one day? These are $1895 CAD.


    Also, both large Marcie's are there: Tan & Black. I'd get $200 on a gift card if I buy today or this weekend. Too bad I don't want the small Animation Marcie (black or porcelain) but I really prefer the original version!

    Ultimately, I NEED the full size Med Marcie...I could do the large Marcie but I would not carry it as frequently as the Med Marcie. Holts does not carry any Med Marcie bags I'm told. If they would just get another original small version, I would be happy with that. The SA said they had one but it sold quite some time ago.
  8. Forgive my lack of knowledge of what it is like to buy internationally but is the reason you are unable to get a Medium Rock Paraty because the retailers that sell it do not ship internationally or it's really expensive to ship? I ask because I see a Med Rock Paraty on Nordstrom and have seen it other places too.
  9. Yes, it's *possible* to get it but not so appealing due to cost. Shipping is very reasonable from Nordstrom but by the time I pay duty & sales taxes, the med Rock Paraty will cost me $24xx...sigh...this doesn't exactly make me rush to order it.

    If there's no *discount* to be had, I'd rather buy full retail right here at home but they don't have this exact bag (colour & size).

    I'm considering Luisaviaroma because their Canadian prices look *good* but I'm worried about their fine print. Although the website states that shipping, import fees & taxes are included, I've heard that I could be dinged with Canadian Duty or taxes anyway. I guess if I do order from Luisaviaroma, I just have to be prepared to pay more.