Small Paraty vs Medium

  1. I saw the new "small" sized paraty in the Chloe store a few weeks ago. The SA said they just added the "small" size to the line. It is 1545 USD and the "medium" size is about 300 USD more. I think the small size is very cute but which do you think is the better deal to get and which is better for me? I'm 5'2"
  2. Do you have the dimension of the small?
    i cannot find detail online. I would love to see a small size too.
  3. I don't :sad:
  4. Net-a-Porter has small python paraty's that measure 10" wide by 9" high by 4" deep with a 5" handle drop.
  5. That looks like a mini to me?
    is mini the small? i am confused now...
  6. I don't know - I thought small & mini paraty were the same thing. I think they used to refer to the medium as the "med/small" paraty. Now I know that there are 3 sizes - the large, medium & that small (mini) one on net-a-porter. I don't think there are any other sizes than those. I saw the smallest one in Bloomingdales. It was very small.

    I know I saw someone posing in a photo on this forum somewhere with their small black (I think black) paraty and I could tell from the picture that it was not the same size as my medium. I wish I could remember where I saw it!
  7. I have the medium sized one and I'm 5'0". Its a perfect sized bag. Not too roomy, not too small.
  8. I'm very confused now too. I was at Holts trying on Large Paraty and what the SA called the Small Paraty. She said Holts never gets any Med Paraty bags.

    Small was very nice but yes, slightly smaller than my typical "med" satchels...but online, I'm checking out dimensions and I don't know if the Mini Paraty is the same as Small or is there REALLY a tinier version of the Paraty? Maybe? On, they show a coral-pink-red mini Paraty on a model and yes, it does look especially tiny.

    My guess is that the Med Paraty would be my top pick but Holts isn't going to get any. But is the "small" really the equivalent of what other retailers call Med? If that is the case, then I just tried on the "med" and I liked it except that (yes), it is a tad smaller than my typical med satchel. (Especially smaller zip top opening).

    I've also got the added hassle of converting metric to imperial inches to double check my info...geez :confused1:
  9. I really, REALLY hope you are right! Because then, getting a Med Paraty isn't so hard if the Small/Med is the same bag.

    Mini, small/med and large...I hope that's the line up. Now I just wait for colours...even though the black is quite perfect.
  10. I hope I don't get slapped for posting dimensions in the wrong thread? I don't think I found the info in the Chloe Reference thread so I found this discussion but here it goes from online info today (various sites):

    Mini Paraty
    8" x 11" x 4"
    20cm x 28cm x 11cm

    Small Paraty
    10" x 9" x 4 "

    Med Paraty
    10" x 15" x 7" or
    8" x 14" x 6 " or
    25cm x 39cm x 18cm

    Large Paraty
    15" x 19" x 8" or
    11" x 17" x 5" or
    39cm x 50cm x 20cm

    Marcies are equally confusing because when it comes to Med & Large, there are some variations in size depending on the details of the bag, I guess (strap, no strap, braided, etc).

    I will simply measure the black Paraty at Holt Renfrew...I wonder if it's closer to the small dimensions above or one of the med sizes?
  11. Lalicvin recently got a red small paraty in the reference thread.
  12. Thank you for this! When I look a photos of the med Paraty, it looks really well proportioned (to my little eyes) because as long as the height is there, it's a tad more boxy...unlike the large Paraty which has such a long, wide bottom reminding me of a pyramid.

    Yea, I'll have to head back to Holts really soon with a tape measure to check on the small black Paraty. It hangs really well (enough, softly) when I emptied all the stuffing out. I have to say, I really want it in: rock and antique rose :rolleyes: I'm sure this won't be possible.
  13. I got the small one today.
    I was surprise to see that it can hold almost everything from my old purse- including aone wallet, two phones, one camera ( Panasonic GF1) and one makeup bag.
  14. Congrats! You are so lucky!

    The smaller black Paraty has sold...the large Rock Paraty still remains but it is simply too huge for my liking. I had my measuring tape with me but couldn't measure the smaller black Paraty at all since it already sold. I was trying to figure out if it was actually a Med Paraty or if was a bone fide small.