Small Paraty in Red

  1. Beautiful colours..
  2. such a gorgeous bag... I wish the shoulder strap was adjustable... I cannot wear cross body n its just too long for my short frame...

    Lovely colors... cool collection...:smile:
  3. :faint::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: what a stunning combo to get! many congrats, they are just beautiful!
  4. Ooh thanks for this! Cute accessories BTW ;)
  5. :coolpics: Thank you for posting those pics!!! I love both your bags! And that Bal wallets is AMAZZZZ!!! :faint:
    I too want a Python Paraty!!! The small one in that cream/gold color on Net-a-Porter is killer!!!
    Enjoy your rad bags!! :hugs:
  6. Nice colors!! :smile:
  7. just wondering if you have compared them side by side and see if they match perfectly (The one from hgbags and the other site..).. i'm just curious about hgbags and am interested in doing business with E and just wanna make sure they sell auth :smile:
  8. I just love your small Paraty's!
    I was wondering if it can be worn on the shoulder by the short handles?
    Thanks, in advance!
  9. Congratulations, the bag looks great on you! I can't wait for mt eggplant paraty to arrive.
  10. Hi - Without a sweater or jacket, I can fit the short handles on my shoulder but I don't think I'd want to wear it that way. I am on the muscular side in arms + shoulder, so a thinner person might be able to swing it. :smile:

  11. Thanks, melovepurse!! I just adore the look of the paraty. I'm 5 foot 4, and I think the medium size may look big for me. And the small paraty looks so darn cute!
  12. The red is soooooo pretty. I've been eyeing that colour off and this may tip me over the edge! U said you haven't used it much yet - is the colour less versatile?
  13. We are a similar height - the medium is a nicely balanced size for our height. Def not too big.
  14. Hi Pree, I'm (maybe) 5'3" ;) and this is my medium Paraty (in Licorice). It's the perfect size, I think. I've even considered getting a large for more space in the bag since I have 2 kids to tote "stuff" around for :smile:. But I don't think medium is too going to be too big for you at all, IMO. :smile:. Hope that helps
  15. Thanks Woody & JP, the medium does look good and practical for day to day use.
    By the way, I's just great to get feedbak and advice from all of you! Everone here is soooo kind!