Small Outlet Reveal!

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  1. So I visited the Outlet Store in Roermond today. I accompanied a friend who was picking up a Mini Lily in Hibiscus. I wasn't really planning on getting anything myself, but I just couldn't leave without this little beauty. It was just so pretty and she felt soooo soft and lucious... :love:

  2. [​IMG]
  3. [​IMG]

    It's the tree french purse in the color rose petal! I just can't stop touching her. Isn't she pretty? :yahoo:
  4. Oh wow so pretty :biggrin: I've got that purse in a different colour, and it's so nice to use! Enjoy your beautiful purse :smile:

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  5. That is so pretty, enjoy using her :smile:
  6. That is just a pretty colour, reminds me of ballet shoes lovely purse, enjoy!
  7. Lovely purse, congratulations! :smile:
  8. where the sales in the outlet? Any good deals?
  9. Thanks everyone! I already love her to death!

    Mainly the blossom pochettes (210 euro), blossom totes (325 euro) and the mini lily's (299 euro) in mandarin, hibiscus, jungle green and sea blue. They also had a lot of older small leather goods that were priced down quite a lot.

    A lot of other quite interesting stuff though.

  10. That's interesting...the sa told me the mini Lily's weren't going in the sales. I love sea blue, but they are quite small. Must have a good think before I buy
  11. Lovely piece, such a pretty colour. Congratulations!
  12. It's beautiful! Did you happen to see whether they haf these in steel blue too?
  13. Eeek so gorgeous! I'm planning on going to Cheshire Oaks in a couple of weeks, how much was this if you don't mind me asking as I think I need a small purse for my Lily ;)
  14. Very pretty! Congrats!
  15. They had one on display actually! Not sure how much they had in stock though.