Small outlet reveal

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  1. Cute the prices too!
  2. thanks I love the prices also. :yahoo:
  3. Congrats! Love capacity wristlets and at a great price too! Enjoy :smile:
  4. Thanks it's my first capacity wristlet.
  5. I happen to love that wristlet! Good deals!
  7. Cute :smile:
  8. cute!!! i just got the smaller one last night for $20. great color.
  9. Cute! I really need one of those pill boxes!
  10. Thanks ladies for all your nice comments. A little coach always makes me smile.
  11. Cute!! I love those madison wristlets!! I have the walnut one and just got cinnamon!!! Did you see any other goodies at the outlet?
  12. Congrats!!!
    Very Cute!!! Great price!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  13. They had alot of clearance wallets. I don't know the names of alot of the bags, but i think it was a lilac cro alexandra 50% off. I liked it but I thought about color transfer and put it down. They only had one. Kristin purple or berry hobo that's been there for awhile. I wish Icould find a walnut one also.
  14. Congrats I love getting good deals at the outlets!

    I went Friday-- I ended up with
    Zoe, Mah/Silver Large convertible for $93 originally $398. marked down to 249 then half off and 25 % off to support Brest cancer research ( that coupon was $1)
    Delphine- Sunglasses $59
    and a Hair Scarf I got for my daughter to wear.

    It's so much fun I don't get to go often, but I look at literally everything!