Small or Toy Loulou with black hardware? Please, help me to choose.


May 2, 2014
I am trying to decide which size of the bag to get. I thought this will be an easy decision to make but for some reason I cannot make up my mind.

Can you help me to choose which bag should I get?

What I love about a toy Lou is that it can be worn cross-body, the size reminds me of square Chanel flap and it is a perfect grab and go bag. On the other hand the bag doesn't fit much, only the bare essentials.

What I like about a small loulou is that it comes with chain instead of leather strap and can be worn on the shoulder. I am aware that it has an option to be worn croosbody but I feel that it is tiny too low and too big for my body frame to be worn this way. Additionally, the big bonus is the small fits much more than the toy.

I personally prefer cross-body bags but I don't mind trying out something new.

Thank you for sharing your opinion x





Mar 26, 2015
Small. I feel it's always better to have slightly more room than be struggling to fit items inside. If you're super undecided maybe pick the size you have the least of in your current collection. I actually went with the medium and wish I'd gone with small, the medium is huge.
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Apr 4, 2018
New Jersey
I like the small. You can fit more but the bag isn't too big. Love the option of shoulder or cross body. You can tie the straps together inside to shorten the length when wearing cross body. In the cross body pics the small is more towards the front, so it looks a bit different. It's just slightly longer.
Otoh, if you don't have a mini bag and that's the original reason for buying something new, go with the toy. They're both very nice!