Small or Mini Pandora in Pepe leather


Jul 2, 2013

I need your help !

I've a Pandora Pepe Medium in black and a Antigona Medium in Pebbled calf black.

My husband bought me a black Pandora Small in black Pepe leather.

I'm torn whether should I keep the small or change to a mini pandora in black Pepe leather.

I love black blacks and carry and wear black all the time

Look forward to hearing from you


Mar 28, 2009
The Mini fits way more than you might think. Some posted pics in the What fits in your Givenchy Thread. Amazing.
It even fits my big BV wallet, iPhone 6s Plus in a leather pouch, mini umbrella, mini Deo, key pouch and f.e. 5GUM and tissues. Or instead of a big wallet and maybe tissues or whatever, a smaller wallet and a half litter sized bottle. It really does fit A LOT for such a small purse. I love the Mini. My everyday bag at the moment and I own a lot of beautiful purses. It's just small enough, really comfortable to wear (crossbody) and very light.
Only concern, I guess with all Pepe Leather Pandoras: you see it's worn on the corners as the color comes off a little bit over time, not something people see but something you can see if you look very closely. But that's not a Mini problem I guess.


Jun 25, 2015
I think I would do the same as I only like Pandora when it's not filled up. Not a fan of carrying a box. I have the medium and I fill it only to 1/3. I think that is already the maximum I will put things in... So if u want a small bag, I would go with the small just not to fill it up :smile: