Small or Medium Flap

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  1. I know I am probably not the first to raise this question, but I really need to make a decision really soon!

    I already have a Black Jumbo and a GST for everyday - they are all really big bags (since i'm only 156cm) and now I really need a small bag for evening time, for dressier events. I tried on the Mini and it is way too small and I thought Small was the perfect size, until the SA told me the Medium is exactly the same price!! I have been looking through pas posts, and Medium seems to be everyone's ideal choice. But when I tried them on, it looks kinda big if I were to imagine wearing an evening dress. But then again, it's only 1" difference. So really, I need your opinions!
  2. maybe you should consider between E/W and Medium then, the difference of the size is more significant. I personally would still go for Medium though.
  3. I would just go with the m/l, the small isn't that much smaller. I was looking into the small flap too, it's reallly cute but not really worth it imo. Idk, what you plan to bring with you, but I usually don't carry much when I go out for the evening.. I know you may think it's too small, but I think the mini would be perfect for evening outings. How about wocs?
  4. there isnt that much difference between them, except that extra 1" of the medium helps when putting in a large wallet or sunglasses, or even a coin purse. I purchased a small and it only fit my wallet, whereas the medium can fit my wallet and phone and a gloss or something. I have seen the medium on all sizes, even the smallest of sizes, and i dont think the medium could be too big on anyone, trust me you will get a little bit more use out of the medium!
  5. I prefer the medium. And easier to transition between day & night.

    Have you considered the timeless clutch if it's mainly for evenings?
  6. small, go for the small, the medium is kinda big for evening. if you're thinking evening-small. I barely seen small around though... I know that's 1 inch only difference, but all around, it makes a big difference. That's the difference between the jumbo and maxi, but wowsa... Personally, I would do the small.

    Have you looked at WOC? that's a nice size, but it may be too small, but that's a good alternative.
  7. Well, my thinking is, unless it's a very formal event (a ball, a black tie affair, etc.), a medium is just fine! For truly formal events, you'd probably go with a small clutch anyway. IMO, the medium transitions beautifully from day to evening. To me, the one inch difference (small v. medium) makes a huge difference aesthetically... the proportions on the medium flap are just nicer, IMO. Of course, that depends on the person (and I own one small flap, multiple e/w's and a lot of mediums). :smile:

    The e/w is also adorable and something you might want to consider... exact same proportions as the medium flap though, difference being the height. Or if you really want a smaller bag, check out the WOC. :smile:
  8. I have a small vintage flap in dark navy lambskin which works perfectly for me as an evening bag. However given the choice I'd get a medium, since it holds more. It doesn't look that much bigger and is in fact very proportionate IMO (I'm 158cm, petite size).
  9. Thanks so much for all of your opinions!

    diera23 - I'm not really a fan of the E/W shape. I feel like it's too long.
    Mrs. Awesome - I've tried on both the WOC and Mini - and I feel they are really small - I use a blackberry and really after I've put in my phone, I can't put anything else. The WOC are too 'flat' and the mini is just too small.
    Anjoool, duckiee - I am mainly needing this for evenings - especially with a dress so really I don't bring much stuff.
    scarlet555 - Yes! It does makes the differenct, that's why I am in such a dilemma. I know it's not a big deal, but I just don't want to regret, you know..
    fieryfashionist - You've made a good point about propotions. Because that is what I look for in everything, it has to be aesthetically perfect :smile:
    Yikkie - Thanks for the input, knowing we're almost the same height!

    I found the solution - I'll probably have come in to the boutique again in a dress, just to see the difference of that 1". Thanks all for your helpp!!
  10. get the ml, i have it and love it. i use it day and night cas and dressy.

    I can and have worn it with dresses for the evening and it looks great

    good luck
  11. I prefer the medium too. for the same price,, go for medium~!
  12. +1 here too! I definitely feel that the Medium is more versatile. :biggrin:
  13. My vote goes to the Medium. I own an e/w, WOC, and 2 m/ls and my favorite has to be a medium especially when paired with a dress:heart:
  14. and the medium goes well with jeans as well! definitely the medium!
  15. Amorris, how much the small one in Sydney chanel??

    i would also suggest you the small bag for evening events, i tried looking at the shop in melbourne, but i havent been able to find it..