Small or Large Bags

  1. Just curious what everyone likes. I really only have on small Coach bag. The rest are medium to large. I choose big bags because I have to cart around so much stuff. Which do you prefer?
  2. I prefer medium to large sized bags but I'm attracted to the small cute ones I can't fit anything :rolleyes: I'm in the process of trying to get rid of some of my too small bags.
  3. Same with me, medium to large sized bags although lately I seem to own some bruisers. I just got a BE Love Me, and I do love it, but it's just a bit too large and heavy for everyday use.
  4. Medium is the best for me. Anything that holds a water bottle and and a novel, along with all of the other essentials is just too big for me. I don't like carting my life around with me.
  5. I go for both! Usually I prefer big bags, not because I consistently carry around a ton of stuff (gets too heavy) but I like being able to put a sweater/pashmina/file folder in there when I need to. But, I also have a ton of smaller bags (wristlets, clutches, pouches, etc) that I can put inside the bigger bag.
  6. Medium to large... although lately I'm starting to get into clutches...
  7. medium as long it fits comfortably on my shoulder ;)

    i have large bags, but i only use them for overnights
  8. All 3... for me

    Small - for evening only, I'm 5"10, so a small bag every day doesn't look right

    Medium - usually for weekends

    Large - usually for work when I need to carry around more things

    For reference I consider large the size of the bag in my avatar (Michael Kors Astor Update tote)
  9. I am drawn to large bags. My friends make fun of me and my gaint bags!
  10. Mostly large. I love medium/large size best. I like the look of small bags, but they are not practical for me. I seem to carry a lot of stuff. Also, I am not petite and I think a small bag looks silly on someone that is not small.
  11. Medium or large here, I carry so much stuff, e.g. I have to have a book with me at all times, just in case. If I carry a small bag I always end up with bulging pockets!
  12. I am a small to medium kinda girl!
  13. medium to large, my line of work needs space :p
  14. Small for nights out, medium for days out, and large for work
  15. Medium to large bags...
    Stopped carrying small bags years ago. ( when I became a mom! LOL!)