Small or classic width LOVE bracelet?

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  1. Hello,
    I recently tried on the LOVE bracelet at the boutique for the first time and was surprised to see that the 15 cm size fit my tiny wrist. I had never considered it up to this day as I didn’t think that the bracelet comes in my size.
    Anyway, I only tried on the small one as they didn’t have the regular classic width one in my size on that day. The SA gave me a bracelet that wasn’t fully closed (it’s a bangle that you slide onto your wrist as it’s open on one side) to try on to see what the regular width would look like on me. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a photo of that one on my wrist so I can compare now if I like the small or the regular size LOVE bracelet more.
    Here’s a pic of the small on my wrist:


    I have a few questions to those who wear the bracelet daily:
    Do you find it’s in your way when you’re on the computer typing or do housework stuff around the house?
    Does it bother you when sleeping?

    Can anybody who wears the size 15 can post a pic of them wearing it so I can see what it looks like on a small wrist?

    I saw on YouTube that a blogger’s LOVE bracelet fell apart into 2 pieces and it was brand new. Is the clasp/screw really that bad and there’s a risk that I could lose it while wearing it?

    Thanks so much for your answers. I’m a noobie to Cartier and only started looking into their jewelry.
  2. It looks good on you but would be useful to compare them side by side. Is it tight or loose on your wrist?
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  3. I have the classic love in size 16. I went for a more snug/classic fit but I can still push the love up my arm when typing or when I’m doing housework. I don’t find that the love bothers me at all when sleeping since I’m so used to it being always on my arm.

    I haven’t had any issues with my screws loosening at all. When I first started wearing it I checked the screw every few days. Now I glance at the positioning of my screws maybe once a week and they haven’t moved at all. I have read posts from other members who did have issues though.

    I think either the small or classic love would look great on you, it’s really just a matter of your preference. HTH!
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  4. I have the small love bracelet, and I don’t notice it at all while I’m sleeping and don’t have any problem while computer typing or anything like that either.
    I also don’t worry about losing it, as I feel the screw and clasp is really secure! I’ve been wearing it 24/7 since I got it 4 months ago, with the exception of a surgery I had where I ofcourse couldn’t wear it.. I had to use quite a bit of force to open it, so I don’t think there is a risk of losing it at all. So I would totally recommend the small love bracelet, I love my little love :amuse:
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  5. I’m considering the small one over the regular one because my wrist is small. But do you sometimes feel like the small doesn’t stand out as much as the classic one would?
    Also, the price difference is quite significant. Not sure if it’s worth paying that much for the regular one. I’m not planning on stacking it with anything else. Just wearing it on its own.

    Thanks. I know... I should have taken a pic of the regular one... I was too excited when I realized it fit me. Lol. So I forgot to take a pic...
    It’s not tight. I can move it up and down but I haven’t tested it it turns around on my wrist. I would say it doesn’t turn but not 100% sure though...

    Thanks. I’m glad to hear that it isn’t in your way when doing normal daily activities.
    I’m always a bit paranoid of losing things but I guess if I check the screws every now and then, I’d be fine. I just don’t want the bracelet to become a nuisance that makes me worry that I could lose it.
  6. I also just wear it by itself, only stacking for more dressy occasions. I think it stands out just enough on a daily basis without being as «flashy» as the regular love, to be honest:smile:
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  7. I think I’m sold on the small love bracelet after reading all those horror stories of people having the classic one fall off because the screws come loose after some time.
    Do you ever have to retighten the screw on the small version? I know it has a click-on mechanism in addition to the screw, so I wonder how secure the small one is?
    The last thing I want is spending all that money on a bracelet and then having to worry about losing it...
  8. Hi! I got the small one on April 2019, there are no issue of the screw at all. I'm wearing it 7 x 24
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  9. That’s great to hear.
    Looking forward to joining the Cartier Club very soon. ;)
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  10. Welcome! I'm planning to garb the classic one on end of 2019
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  11. You can’t go wrong with the classic. If wearing alone, I think the small is a little underwhelming.
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  12. I agree but I’ll be too worried that the screws will loosen and I could lose it. At least the small one has a more secure clasp/hinge in addition to the screw. I think that if one pays that much money for the classic bracelet, we shouldn’t have to worry all the time. I think it would just add stress to my life having to check and worry about the screws every day. Lol.
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  13. I’ve never retightened it, and definitely don’t think it will be necessary later either :biggrin: