Small opening Inclusion Bracelets

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  1. They are on elux now. I just grabbed a black one.
  2. Congrats S! I just bought a black one too the other day.
  3. V, Congrats to you too! I was shocked to see Black as being available! We are lucky girlies!
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    what do you mean small opening? do they have different inner diameters now? I never kept my beige GM because it was too big on my wrist....
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    Yes, they have different size openings. There is the GM which is the big fat bracelet that comes in only ONE size opening.

    Then there is the PM which is the thinner bracelet and it comes in TWO size openings. The regular 2.6" opening and small (sometimes called TPM) but always get a measurement because often times they are stocked incorrectly and even noted on LV receipts as TPM when they are NOT. The small one (which I own 3) measures 2.25".

    Here are some reference threads:
  6. that is super cool, I want one but too bad they don't sell abroad
  7. S, I actually bought mine in a boutique but I was sooo excited to see that they still had a black one in my size. It went so well with my outfit that day that I had to buy it!
  8. Yeah!! Congrats!!! The small size is so cute!!! My friend has a small wrist and she was finally able to buy a small inclusion bracelet but it's still a bit big on her. It's too bad that the GM bracelets are not made in the smaller opening size.
  9. V, I am thinking that the black will go with EVERYTHING! I have one in transparent and one in Parme. I can't wait for my black one to arrive on Monday! I will make sure I wear something that it will work well with on Monday!

    Peace, I agree. I wish the GM came in a smaller opening size too!

    Oh and I see that elux has the Orange Sunset in small today! Tempting!
  10. I like the Orange inclusion bracelet - it just pops!!! Have you considered the Praline bracelet? (Or do you already own it?) I bought it in Hawaii and love it!! I also love the grey inclusion bracelet!!! And, of course the Transparent!!
  11. i have TINY wrist. i can never fit into adult bracelets yet i bought a small and it was to small. like i could get it on and it fit good on my wrist but i barely got over my hand where my thumb is. i actually had to put vaseline on my hand to get it off when i bought one in grey. i just cracked and bought a pink one in the bigger size and just wear it high on my arm. i plan on purchasing the gm in orange sunset i hope it's not too big!
  12. S, now that I've had a taste of my first Inclusion Bracelet, I've came up with a whole list of colors that I want!! :sweatdrop:
  13. ashley, I lvoe that you had to use vaseline! You made me laugh!

    peace, I was not lucky enough to get the Praline in a small and the regular size is just too big! All I have is the Black (just arrived 15 minutes ago...and yes I am wearing it right now!), the Transparent (wearing that one too!) and the Parme. I opted to pass on the Orange...gorgeous as it is I just couldn't incorporate it into my wardrobe easily. I used to own the Amarante and Pomme, but sold them since I bought them in the regular size and they were just too big!

    V, Definately buy more! I love the Transparent because you can mix it with your others so easily!
  14. Ashley, I learned a trick on getting smaller bracelets onto the wrist. When I used this technique in Hawaii, the LV SA was tickled about it because she said this would help her with customers trying on the inclusion bracelets. Take a small plastic bag, like a small grocery bag and place it over your hand and over your wrist and then slide the bracelet over your covered hand and wrist and you will not believe how easy the bracelet goes on and comes off with using this plastic bag technique.
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  15. ^^ You are a genius!