Small ones or Big ones

  1. for some reason, there's more love for my smaller lv pieces over my bags, like wallets etc. maybe cause i can actually hold it or something? do u have more love for ur bags or small leather goods? lmao, im weird :push:
  2. I love my bags, but I love my small accessories more!
  3. love inclusion and small items too! It really shows the craftmanship of LV IMO.
  4. im in :heart: with all my LV accessories. I just love them. soooo darn cute!!! especially vernis.
  5. I know what you mean! My bags aren't as exciting as the little cute accessories LV keeps coming up with! Maybe this means I need a new bag...!
  6. oh pheww, im not the only one.
  7. These small darlings sure adds up quick :sweatdrop: Sometimes I'm in awe how i cry there's no money for new bag, but the collection of my inclusion can very well cover another bag or two.
  8. the small leather goods are my favorites...vernis is just so gorgeous!
  9. I just adore my small pieces also like my mini pochette and Jack & Lucie keychain and cherry blossom mirror etc etc:shame:
  10. I adore my bags. but I LOVEEEEEEEE my accessories. They're just SO cute!
  11. I adore my small LV items. I have the damier ludlow, mono pochette wallet, mono 6 key holder, fleurs keychain, cerise cles and damier pochette accessoires. I get more use out of them than my LV bags LOL
  12. I love my accessories too. I think it's because we get to carry those everyday inside our bags.
  13. Guess I am the odd one, I love my bags more.
  14. ^ Me too! I love my bags more than anything else!
  15. i like to spread my love around