Small Old Beige Caviar Flap Gold HW at OLD PRICE

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  1. My Saks SA just found this in her stock room. This is the small size (1 inch smaller than the M/L) in the old beige color. It is new with tag and I think she told me it's $2225 + tax. No international shipping anymore from SAKS, new policy?

    If you're really serious about buying it, please PM me for SA contact.

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  2. hi Miss H, can u tell me which Saks do they have this bag.
  3. I just PMed you!

    Please post here if it's sold so that people will know! :smile:
  4. Is price increased for the small flap? What's the new price now?
  5. If I'm not mistake penney sent an email and the s/m is not affected by the price increase. Nevertheless op's offer here is irresistible. At $2225 it's a steal
  6. Small Flap is said to be $2450 but the old price was $2350. <<< from the list I got

    please correct me if i'm wrong. but $2225 seems like a steal
  7. ^ i think that may be the price for lamb, coz caviar old price in m/l was 2425.
  8. Hi ladies, I went to saks today and this bag is still available at saks its still at the old price!!!
  9. hi ladies, bought this bag today at saks soooo happy:yahoo: I'm sooo lucky that i saw this bag cuz its at the old price for $2350 i just couldnt walk away will post pic later
  10. awesome!!!
  11. beautiful classic, fab price!!!

  12. Congrats jenwong! Its such a gorgeous bag!
  13. so lucky!! did they have another one???
  14. congrats jenwong! I love the old beige color, it's such a classic piece!
  15. #15 Apr 9, 2010
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2010
    I'm looking for a m/l (10") caviar in this colour too. Please PM me if you know where I can grab one. TIA x

    I have this colour in lambskin, but would really like to replace it with a caviar as I've to be so careful with lambskin.