Small Nova Tote w/Nickel

  1. Does anyone have the small Nova tote that is open on top? It's so very very cute, but I wonder about the openess. I have never had a Burberry before, but I love this bag.
  2. Do you mean this one?


    I don't use it often because you have to be careful your keys and cellphone don't fall out (when I put it in the car for example), I think it doesn't sit comfortable on the shoulder but it's soooo pretty this bag, I also bought the matching belt in marbella
  3. ^^^^ that is a very cute bag.
  4. No, that's not it. I tried to copy a picture from their website, but I had no luck. It's a bigger, open tote with nickel colored straps. It's very cute.
  5. at first i thought you were talking about the blk & white tote, which i have. but i don't have nickle colored straps.
  6. Are you talking about this one? I had this one at first but then I found one that was a little bigger and it zips.
  7. I really want that one! ^^
  8. Yes!!! that one! Is it not cute???
  9. I'd really like one with the red trim that zips.
    Which one am I looking for?
  10. Here is a picture of the one that I ended up getting. Paying additional was worth it because of the zip. The one that I purchased has the nickel.[​IMG]
  11. ooh, i have that bag and i LOVE it!!! but it's not small, it's rather large. i keep my keys, checkbook wallet, date planner, huge sunglass case, and hard cover book with room to spare.:smile:
  12. I love this bag - I'd love it with the red trim - but this is fine, too. What's the name of the bag, please? Where did you purchase? I definitely want one with a zip.
  13. I purchased the pictured one above; the open tote with the nickel colored straps because I like the shape better. I got it on the website - I think you can get the zip one there as well. Interestingly, the price at the store for the one I wanted was 375, and the website price was 325.
    Plus no shipping charges.