Small Nile ~ Need help deciding the color

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  1. I got the small nile bag in motty gray, but i’m having second thought and wanted to exchange it for the biscotti beige. I love both colors and having a hard time deciding. Can all you beautiful ladies help me out here? Also, it’s my first time buying a chloe bag, do they normally come with an authenticity card that have the hologram sticker on it? TIA
  2. The beige will go with everything. Technically gray should too but I think beige is more complimentary to more outfits.
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  3. I had the same dilemma some days ago. Bought the Motty Grey first because I found the Biscotti too pink for my liking, but ended up exchanging it to the Biscotti in the end. I find that the grey is really pretty for an every day occasion where the beige is more of a special occasion wear. At least for me it is. I found that I have way too many day-bags and lacking on party bags. That's why I chose the beige in the end. Also I find that the beige is more season based for only spring and summer because of the warm peachy tone to it, where the grey can be used in all seasons because it's more neutral and cool toned. In the end it depends on your taste. Both are stunning!
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  4. We have the exact thought process. I felt the exact way about both colors. I guess I'll take a look see what compliment to my wardrobe more. Thank you both for the reply!
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