Small new purchase...& GREAT experience at LV today

  1. Today I was supposed to go to Holt Renfrew with my boyfriend so pick out a Coach purse to take to Hong Kong with me...but my cousin there said Coach is "so so not very popular" in Hong Kong so I decided I'd stick with LV.

    I was so happy when my the SA who helped me on my very first visit was working (a little while ago, I switched to another SA), and she FINALLY recognized me! :nuts: I was only going to check out the new Ivoire and the Illovo PM (which I intend to bring with me to Hong Kong) but ended up staying there for over an hour with my boyfriend :p

    Things I saw:
    1. Ivoire! It's soooo pretty. It is STUNNING IRL. Awhile ago when I saw the black epi Passy, I didn't really like it, but it was TDF in Ivoire! I was wearing a black skirt/white ruffle top/black sweater/black&white lace shoes today so it matched my outfit PERFECTLY. That is definitely going on my to buy list.

    2. Black LV Mink scarf! I believe this is an older style...?Before switching over to help another customer, she showed me the scarf to keep me busy while she rung the other customer's purchase in. It is SO SOFT, SO COMFY, and sooo pretty. The price tag was over $2,400 CAD though :wtf: My boyfriend said later on, during dinner, "Maybe one day I'll get that for you..." We'll see about that!

    3. Mink Bum Bag! Although it's late, I was so surprised my store got one of those in. It's so pretty and soft (the big pink LV in the middle is :drool: and the baby pink quatrefoil near the back is so pretty), but not practical for ME! (Especially for a $8,050 CAD price tag!) My SA and I were just petting it and playing around with it, and it got so much attention from other shoppers. When I was paying for my new purchase, there were at least 6-7 people crowded around the bum bag until the other SA put it back in its silk dustbag! case anyone here is interested, Holt Renfrew Calgary LV has one!

    I couldn't NOT buy nothing because she was so helpful and patient with me, and I had such a good time talking to her. So, I asked to see some scarves and at first I was going to buy the silk black MC 17" scarf...but then I saw THIS ONE!! I didn't think there were still any of THESE available!! I didn't hesitate and bought it right away, and the boyfriend likes it too.

    I had such a great time at LV today, I may consider having 2 SAs at a time! Time really flew by...luckily my boyfriend waited patiently and didn't complain once :sweatdrop:

    If my sale for one of my bags goes through, I'll be going back to get the Illovo PM! :nuts:

    So, here is my newest addition, my first item of this's sooo pretty, I love it!

    new1.jpg new2.jpg new3.jpg new4.jpg
  2. Some ways I'm planning on wearing this...
    I don't really know about the "bandit" scarf way or the original bandana way...but I quite like it as a headband with my hair down!

    goldscarf1.jpg goldscarf2.jpg goldscarf3.jpg goldscarf4.jpg goldscarf5.jpg
  3. Oooo congratulations!!! I wish my LV's always came witht he whole packaging like yours did! =P
  4. Cute! I think it was recently re-issued :yahoo:
  5. 2 more pics...this look is my fav. I'd get more bandanas just to wear them like this to school! :nuts:

    goldscarf6.jpg goldscarf7.jpg
  6. Very Nice!!!
  7. So cute! You look adorable with your scarf tied as a headband! Congrats on your new scarf and nice shopping experience!
  8. karman, you look so cute!!! congrats on your new goodie! :p :heart: :heart: :heart:
  9. Hi karman!! congrats on the cute scarf!! I love how it looks as a headband on you! you are so pretty!!! :smile:
  10. It's hella cute on you! ;)

    Not trying to hit on you or anything, but: You're pretty! :smile:
  11. Congrats. I love the scarf!
  12. Very nice! congrats
  13. U look ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It looks so awesome on you!

  14. Very Nice, Very Cute!! Congratulations!!
  15. It's so cute! Congrats!