Small new addition, any idea of colour name?

  1. My Anthracity was feeling lonely so I had to get it a little sister while the sales are on :graucho:


    The card that came with it says 2006 so I'm guessing it's either a Truffle or a Marron? Any ideas, ladies?
  2. I'm guess the makeup bag is truffle. Did the card have a 1 or 3 after the 2006? Either way, it is a great pickup. I am absolutely loving accessories right now.
  3. Thanks :yes:

    It says 3 after 2006
  4. looks like truffle to me but hard to tell because of monitor differences and flash, etc. Beautiful!
  5. It's really hard to tell, but now I'm wondering if it is Marron because of the deepness of the color and the lack of veins.
  6. The pic was taken in the natural light, no flash and looks very true to colour on my monitor. I'd say it's a true brown without any distinct undertones like red... The leather is nice, thick and chewy too, should wear in beautifully.

    I know that the store had a lighter, more caramel brown one as well. The leather on that was shinier and thinner but I didn't check the year.
  7. My guess is Truffle too.:yes: It is so cute.:p
  8. it looks truffle to me... but then again... I'm no expert with colors esp in photos!;)
  9. Def. truffle - I used to have one:smile:
  10. I love it!!! I want 1 too!
  11. It's beautiful! Congrats!
  12. wow that's the prettiest truffle I've seen! Congrats!!
  13. Wow shes beautiful, congrats!
  14. Congrats !!!
    It looks like Trufle (and the 2006 3 tag confirms it)
  15. Thank you, ladies ;)