small multipocket questions

  1. Hi, I've been in love with the style of the small black multipocket for a long time. Is it worth it to get it full price at 895? I'm afraid it'll be gone by the time there's a sale.

    Is it comfortable on the shoulder? Can it accommodate a regular size water bottle? Any pros and cons?? Thanks.
  2. I have a small quilted MP, is that the same? Mine will hold a small water bottle, but it gets pretty crowded with all my other stuff. My budget wouldn't allow me to buy it at full price, so I would definitely look for a sale. I was lucky enough to find mine at Nordies a few weeks ago for $400, you should check around.
  3. I used to have the large MP, and for me, a con was that it was VERY heavy. Heavy leather, heavy hardware, and a heavy (but beautiful) suede interior. The straps are also rolled (kinda cylindrical), so it didn't rest well on my shoulder. But I know there are a ton of ladies on here with large and small MPs that love them, so just consider me the odd one out on that. :p

    They're BEAUTIFUL, classic bags, IMO, and will be wearable and chic forever. I just couldn't handle the shoulder/neck pain. I do tend to carry a lot in my bag, too, so if you only have a light wallet and compact or something, you may be fine.
  4. I have a few small MPs, and I find them very versatile. I don't carry a ton of stuff, and that the size fits me perfectly. I think the large size would be too big for me, and as MPJ said, it weighs more than the small MP. I don't find that this hurts my shoulder unless I'm carrying heavy stuff in it for extended periods of time. It's a classic style, and for me, it's very convenient and comfortable to carry.
  5. Thanks ladies. I just purchased it off elux. Full price but saves me the aggravation of bargain hunting and I'm afraid the black color will be out of stock once there is a sale.

    I just can't wait for my first MJ!
  6. Congrats! I love the small MP!!
  7. Good Luck hope you love it!!
  8. Congrats!! You'll love the small MP. It's really a perfect size for a normal everyday bag. I have the quilted small MP with the chain handle so it gets kind of heavy but you did good! You'll love it! Post pics when you get it! :tup:
  9. welcome to the land of mj! enjoy your new mj !
  10. Congrats!! You chose a great bag! The MP is one of my favorite MJs. Don't forget to post pics when it arrives. :smile:
  11. I love the MP, congrats!
  12. tophe congrats on you mp!!! I paid full price for mine too last won't regret it..and just to make you feel better....the black mp's don't go on sale b/c they are considered a classic...I'm sure another pf'r will confirm this as I've read it hear many!! All this talk about mp's recently makes me want to get a large one now!!!! Congrats & enjoy!!!! Now you need a zc!!!! :graucho: