Small Mulberry Bayswater - problem with handles.....

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    I treated myself to a small Bayswater in oak leather in the Mulberry sale. I have only been using it for about four weeks. I use it with the crossbody strap and don't generally carry it by the top handles. However, the handles are causing quite bad indentations on the bag, particularly the back handle. It is occuring where the point of the arch on the underside of the handle lies against the leather - I now have two pronounced dimples in the back of the bag. Has anyone else had this problem? I am a little worried that the dimples will get deeper and break the surface of the leather. I am going to Mulberry this Friday to discuss with them but would love to know if this is a common issue. Other than that, it's a delicious little bag!
  2. Hi this is a cute little bag, so close to having one myself. Sorry you are having issues

    How do you carry it when cross body, with handles up or down?

    I seem to think someone mentioned this previously so I looked at the official mulberry modelling shots and they all appear to carry it cross body with the handles up - IMO not how I would naturally carry it
  3. Hi! It is gorgeous and perfect for shopping - leaves the hands free! I carry it with the handles up as that is how they naturally want to stay. I have very little weight in the bag - a small purse, make-up purse and a small pencil case with two pens (cos I don't want ink stains - lol!). I tried loosening the side straps to see if that would help but no joy:sad: The dimples can now be felt right through the leather to the inside of the bag. You know the ridged seal on the back of the handles? They are also causing a mark on the bag flap, so I am getting an arch-shaped mark on the bag, along with my dimples! I have a large Bayswater and don't have this problem......
  4. I own a black sbs for two years now and I generally carry it crossbody.

    At first I did not know what you mean, but now I had a look at my bag and I can see the lightest marks at its back. These marks don´t worry me at all (because they are so light), but I can understand that it might cause a problem if the area you have mentioned is more pointed and sharp. I would show it to your sa, perhaps there is a solution... Good luck!
  5. Please tell me if you have much luck with them, I have the exact same problem. I can 'massage' them out with leather gel, but they just appeal again after the next wear.
  6. This happened on my SBS too after only 8 days. Admittedly it was the secondary fault after the wearing off of the leather on the front of the bag, but I really didn't like those indentations behind the handles. The only one which didn't mark was the handle protected by the hanging clochette.

    I emailed customer services, the bag was sent back and I'm apparently getting a replacement. I must say, I fully intend on watching out for those marks coming again. It's as if the leather is too thin to stand the handles being upright against the bag, which is ridiculous.
  7. you're lucky, my cloche has left a dent into the leather where it sits :sad:
  8. How bad was the wearing on the leather? My bayswater has started to wear on one corner. I've emailed customer service, but have a feeling they'll say it's normal wear and tear since its such a small area..
  9. Just looked at mine ....!!! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1391379422.500481.jpg
    I usually carry her by handle . Front looks fine
  10. I think we're not having much luck with the leather on our bags...

    I wait and see what SBS number 2 looks like when she shows up!
  11. My brand new oak SBS has this type of indentation too and I only have her for about 2 weeks so far. I think she was like this when she arrived. They don't bother me too much but I did think that it was quite odd
  12. So much for the mantra about new better leathers etc to justify the,prices
  13. Hi yes my oak sbs is the same, I just assumed they would all be like that because of the placement of the handles and the way they sit? Bit disappointing though! X
  14. I have just checked my new black SBS from the Christmas sale. The handles on mine are the same. I think it's because of the hard nature of the leather on the handles. That's how it feels though.. Cause the leather on the handles is very stiff while it's more soft on the rest of the bag.
  15. All my sbs's also had this indentations marks on them, on different leather they do look a bit deeper on some leathers and show up a lot more fainty on some others, but they all had them. :smile: