Small MJ purses

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  1. #1 Jan 29, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 29, 2009
    :wlae:I have seen several small, extremely beautiful MJ purses and have purchased 3 so far, but I would like to supplement my color range. However, I am SO difficult. For example, right now there is a beautiful small leather purse up on EBay that I simply love - but it's orange.

    Do any of you know of xxxx - in a neutral color which for me would be chocolate brown, grey, dark blue, teal or maybe mustard. Or yet another black.

    I love the small Olivia, the small Selma, the small Zoe or Lola and this orange one, partly because of the interiors with compartments and also I love outside pockets - preferably at least one zippered outside pocket. Also from the fall/winter collection of 2008 the "Little Bag" looks really lovely (MJ's homepage - don't know where to find it). But I'm not all that familiar with MJ and I don't know all the "vintage" styles.

    Can any of you help? But the purse must have leather strap, sit under the arm (i.e. strap drop of min. 7 or 8"), no quilt, just plain leather - and a neutral color. See how difficult I am? Oh, and did I mention zipper top closure or another secure form of closure? I have seen a blue one also on Ebay right now and have my eyes set on it, but I'm not sure of the color. But I think I will give it a try.

    That was a long story, but I read your comments to each other and you seem very interested in other people's wishes and happy purchases, so ...
  2. Those bags were released in various colors in past seasons so definitely pick a style(s) you like and then see if you can find it in neutral colors. Those styles you listed are older and are no longer released in the current collections.
  3. please remember that buying and selling here is a BANNABLE offense...... Please read the rules!
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    UPS - I'm sorry. Is there any forum where I could post this?
    Oh - I think I didn't express myself correctly. Sorry. What I mean is if anybody can locate one? I can see that others are asking and are referred to various sites or shops.
  5. Thanks a lot - yes, it does fit my criteria. I have actually looked at it several times. Maybe I should act while the offer of 20% still stands. (But I still want an Olivia or a Selma - those are my absolute favourites!) Thanks again.