small miu miu bow satchel in black?

  1. hi everyone,

    i was wondering if anyone has seen the SMALL bow satchel in black for sale - online or in stores?

    i know Neimans and Bergdorfs has the larger size ($1050) on their website, and Saks has the smaller size ($995) on their site, but only in the brown and ivory. i have fallen in love with the black!

    has anyone has seen this fantastic bag for sale?

    oh yeah, and first time poster! i :heart: this forum!

    thanks in advance. =)
  2. Good thing you're in San Francisco. Sak's in Union Square had the black bag in small last week. Drop by and see if it's still there.
  3. As Emmy has already stated, I have the small black. I bought mine in Edmonton, Canada. Let me know if you have any questions--it's a great bag!!!
  4. Emmy - if it's no trouble, that would be great! thanks!

    Snowwhite - it was your pics that pushed me over the edge! i was debating between the sizes. i'm not very tall (5'3) so i was afraid the bigger size would be overwhelming; at the same time, i was afraid that the smaller one would look weird when carrying it w/ the shoulder strap. however, after seeing your pics, the smaller one looked perfect!
  5. Archipelago - thank you for the quick reply!

    SF is actually about 45 min. away from me, but if they still have it, looks like i'll be making a little drive up! *fingers crossed*
  6. Imurdstiny, if you would like to see more pictures of the bag, pm me your email address, and I'll send them to you.

    I bought my bag at Holt Renfrew here in Canada a few days ago. If you can't find one in the U.S. there might still be another at one of the Holt's stores. I don't know if you are willing to order from Canada, but it could be an option.
  7. ^snowwhite no luck with the off white miu miu!!! The SA from Saks PA called me today..did a holy mother luck..I guess there was one in the whole system at a Saks in Fl but they couldn't find it...Now I'm hot for this bag and not sure what to do next....I may call Neimans tomorrow...I think the one they have on their website is the larger one....Thanx for the offer but I don't want to order from Holts..too much hassle if there's a return.....Saks website must be frigged up...why would they put stuff for sale when it's not available!?!?! ugh!! I really wanted to buy it at Saks so I could take advantage of the gift card event on Thursday....Figures...Ruined my whole night!!!! Hopefully DJO (Saks SA) will be able to lacate that ONE bag....:cursing: Any suggestions? Should I start a new thread looking for this bag? Where should I post it? ** sigh**
  8. emmy, I saw this bag last sat at saks NYC, I am pretty sure it was the small white one . Unless someone bought it since then it should be there. good luck.
  9. also saks website has it listed and you could take advantage of the 10 percent off special or the gift card event on thursday.
  10. You are too sweet..Do you remember if it was the white one or the off -white one? I want the off-white.. I hope the SA can locate one but at the moment it doesn't look good....I was planning on taking advantage of the gift card event but I don't know now...The one on the Saks website is white..the off white color is "cera"....Fingers crossed!:shrugs:
  11. ^^^Oh no--how frustrating!!! :sad:

    I sure hope you can find one!
  12. Emmy, did you order the saks white one? Did you have a cocktail :graucho: :p LOL!!! I hope you got your bag.
  13. this bag is so cute!! has anyone have any luck finding a black one yet? or should we just go through miu miu stores? thanks!
  14. I called Miu Miu today...(212-249-9660 NYC) They DO have the black in the small size....Unfortunately they do not have the off white..Just WHITE (ugh!)
    Good luck if you get one!!! Now I'm even thinking of ditching the off-white quest and getting the black ... so disgusted .. I get a bug up my a** at the wrong time!!!! :cursing: Good luck!!!