Small Mist Pouch

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  1. #1 Mar 16, 2019
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    The small Mist pouch arrived this morning. I really love it and it’s going to work well for my current lifestyle.
    This is what I had on when it arrived.......but I think it’ll work well with whites and grays......
    Next to off-white & gray.....
    Looking taupe.....
    Holding my stuff with no problem.....and room for more
    The Nero one should be delivered next Friday. My hope is renewed.....:tup:
  2. I’m waiting on this style too! It looks really nice. I am surprised by how roomy it is. How do you like the strap?
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    There is no strap on mine. It’s the clutch version. The leather is really soft and squishy.
    (.... I was told that the strap is removable on the bags that have them....)
  4. I must say I prefer the look of the small Pouch vs the large (too big) and your pics make the Pouch look good. Seems like a good size as well. Do you feel the Pouch feels more casual vs the Lauren, thus offering a different look in your collection?

    Somehow, I feel the Nero Pouch will be staying put as well when it arrives. Glad this new style is working out for you.
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  5. This style is really working for you! Love it. I was unsure of it when i saw it in store but this is making me rethink it. Can't wait to see the black on you!
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  6. I like that it has the Intrecciato treatment but is more relaxed than the Lauren. And I like the colors I added. Now that the weather is warming up here, I will probably use these two constantly for daytime running around and eating out. I’ve been relying on jacket pockets to hold my essentials but jacket season may be over here. If BV adds colors I like for fall, I may need a serious intervention! And, I’m relieved that there’s a style I like from NG. (I keep forgetting Daniel Lee’s name so I’ve taken to calling him New Guy aka NG.)
  7. I’ll add the black one to this thread when it arrives....
  8. I totally get you on jacket pockets. Though useful, one is not always in a jacket. The same for pockets on pants/jeans. I can't stick my sunglasses in my jeans pocket, too bulky. My huge head disallows them on my head and I have a big keloid on my chest which means tucking one end of the sunglasses out as well. Even when I carry the bare minimum, I still need a medium of transportation aka bag. NG is quick and easy. Easier for us as well. I'm just very happy that there is something of NG's that works for you. I'm pretty positive that a nice Fall color will come along.
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  9. i like it! :tup:
    these clutches, big and small, look really nice in intrecciato :yes:
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  10. OH! I love it!!!! You carry BV so well. Fits you perfectly.
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  11. That is a great looking bag. You make carrying clutches look relaxed, but elegant at the same time.
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  12. I have gotten very relaxed about carrying clutches. I did drop them a few times in the beginning, but now I’m comfortable with them. I think it’s just a matter of getting used to them.....
  13. My Lauren arrives Tuesday. Should I practice carrying it on the carpet before risking an outing with it? :giggle:
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  14. I don’t know the answer to that. :confused1: Did I mention that my hand-eye coordination is so bad that I couldn’t hit a tennis ball if my life depended on it (high school p.e.)? But, more important (to me, anyway) was that even back then, my closet was well-organized. And that even precedes membership in my current church....known as The Container Store. Yeah...I worship there. The hanger wall alone is worth a visit. Go ahead and take a’s carpeted.
  15. I share your love for the Container Store. I spend a lot of money there myself, but I have not wandered into the closet organization section. One thing I am blessed with is closet space.