Small, minor situation...

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  1. Hello fellow MJ fans,

    I have a few questions for you...please share your thoughts:smile:

    I already own a maroon Blake. Love the style, but more so the deep purple color. A few days ago, I came across a Sophia in maroon from Off Saks for $430.
    Couldn't resist and bought it. Would you keep both bags in the same color?
    As far as style, the Sophia is smaller and lighter. What would you do?

    Second question, would you buy a Wonder bag in antique white with silver hardware, or Black with white stitching? I think I am worried about the yellowing of the white leather, yet it looks so pretty in white.

    Thank you so much for any thoughts!
  2. You're very lucky to have the Maroon blake! That's a fabulous bag and color. If you really love the color, then why not keep it? People always have different black bags, why not maroon? I think that color is very versatile and goes well with most outfits. btw, I own the maroon sophia and adore it! the color really is lovely.

    If I was in your shoes, I would get the wonder bag in black if I planned on using it regularly or daily.. if it's going to be an evening or an occasional bag, then I would get it in white. White is easier to keep clean if you're not using it every day.
  3. I think that thithi is right - if you love the color and do love the Sophia, keep it. :smile: The Blake and Sophia are two of my three faves. ;) Maroon is a great color!
  4. Sunshinesmilee, it depends - do you like Sophia very much? Would you buy City & First in the same color? =) For me, I wouldn't keep it since i'm only so-so with Sophia (just like Multipocket). Color-wise, I would say you can't have too many if it's Black.

    As for Wonder Bag, do you consider the color of the suede lining? If I remember correctly, Antique White has Turquoise lining which gives the bag an extra pop. Black Wonder Bag has beige lining right? I have quite a few light colored bags, I don't mind Antique White at all. I use my Linen (off-white) Blake often, it's still spanking new & perfect. Being bag lovers like us, we can keep them clean. =)
  5. I love the maroon color, and blake and sophia are such different bags, so I say, why not keep them both? You got a great deal on the sophia, after all.

    For the Wonderbag, I agree with thithi. If you're only going to use it occasionally, then antique white (which is gorgeous), but for everyday black would be better.

    Good luck!
  6. Thank you so much for all your thoughtful responses:smile:

    thithi: I love your answer about black bags and how we have black bags in different styles. So, so true. And I do indeed love the maroon color. Like you said about the wonder bag, I am also figuring that black is more easier to take care of and I would probably use it more often. Thank U!

    dawn: Thanks for your thoughts! I love the Blake and have been regretful of returning a sophia last year to NM in a dark pink. Maroon is my fav!

    Hi bag.lover: Ok, I took the plunge and bought another maroon:wlae: just couldn't contol myself, KWIM? I do have a caramel first...but would I buy a city in the same color? Awesome question...probably only in that TDF rare eggplant color! What do you mean by so-so with the Sophia? Is it the size of it or the style that is just so-so? I think what I like about the Sophia is that it is lighter than the Blake, so on those days that I still want my "maroon" color, but a lighter bag, I can use my Sophia.

    I love how you questioned the interior suede of the wonder bag. You are absolutely correct about interior color of each. Gosh, I do love the turquoise inside, but am concerned that the white will eventually "yellow".
    Will it really yellow?

    marclover: The antique white is very pretty. I probably wouldn't use the black everyday, but wouldn't think twice about using it the way I would with a white bag.

    Thank you again!
  7. I would keep the Sophia because you can use it based on mood and style.
    Get the wonder bag in white. You could use a leather protector to keep it from yellowing. IMO the wonder bag makes more of a statment in brighter colors.
  8. I have no problems with light colored bags so far, that's why I keep buying them. =) For Wonder Bag, Antique White looks nicer to me. =) If you are concerned about it yellowing, you should go for Black or some other color.

    Sophia (and Sofia) is a classic style, but it's just not a personal favorite of mine. I dislike hobo/messenger for myself & really prefer bags with double straps so I like Stella, Venetia, Blake a lot more than Sophia/Sofia & Multipockets. For styles with single strap, I lean toward feminine designs like Lola, Eva, etc.

    Color and style really depend on each person's preference though, get it if you like it. I know what you meant, you really like Maroon! =) For me, Black is THE color that I can never have enough of; other colors come & go.

  9. Ooooh a maroon blake! You lucky girl!!! I was debating over the wonder bag for a while...I don't know what it is, but I'm drawn to that shape..I like the Daria too...Did you get the wonder bag yet? I would like to know exactly how big that bag is..I think the Daria is larger...Only can go from what I have seen in these styles on ebay...There are a few reputable sellers I keep checking in on to see if these bags were available..Probably the only way I'd get them....I almost bought the red wonder bag..I can't remember if it was from dgjeans or coco's closet..You should check these sellers.....Have you posted a pic of your maroon blake? I'd love to see it! Good luck in your bag quest! :heart: Emmy